Tuesday, September 9

Autumn 2014 Anime Lineup.

As usual, lineup for next season is here. Looks pretty impressive : Psycho Pass 2, Fate/Stay Night reboot by ufotable, Log Horizon Season 2 and Mushishi Season 2.

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Live Action Ghost in the Shell is Gaining Momentum

According to this site, Dreamworks is getting serious in adapting the most famous Japanese cyberpunk science fiction, GITS. Apparently one of the actress, Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street) in talks to be the female lead.

Directed by the dude who did Snow White and the Huntsman, no timeline has been given yet. Honestly speaking, I am not too impressed with Snow White so I getting a bit leery about this adaptation.

Time will tell if this movie will be something or not.

Monday, September 8

Aldnoah Zero Season 2 is Confirmed on 2015.

The current most talked about mecha sci-fi series, Aldnoah Zero will be split into 2 cour series of 12 episodes each, Season 2 is announced to be aired in Winter 2015, if I am not mistaken.

Perhaps this is to avoid expected to be explosive debut of Fate/Stay Night reboot that is scheduled end of this year. And perhaps the rationale is to keep quality of the production instead of stretching the budget for 24 episodes which might compromise the art etc too like Fate Zero.

Monday, August 4

Kancolle Anime is Coming in Jan 2015

To be honest, I don't get this craze for web based naval game that is using real World War 2 ships such as Yamato or Akagi and anthropomorphize it into moe, cute anime girls but apparently it taken the anime world by storm. Not surprisingly, to cash in the surging popularity, the anime series is coming soon. This kinda reminds me of Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer.

This wiki entry will give a general idea on the phenomenon. 

The official website for the anime.

Tuesday, July 29

Heaven's Feel Movie is Announced.

Well, smack me some tentacles and call me Horsey! They just announced a movie adaptation for Heaven's Feel, the final arc in Fate/Stay Night story. A surely tremendous time for TYPEMOON/Fate fans (like me)

Personally, I think it is the best story out of 3 from the original visual novel. To some people, it is a bit too bloody and brutal.

Needless to say, I am damn fucking excited.

Japanese Government Wants to Shut Down Foreign Pirate Sites.

Okay, what I roughly understand from this NHK news is Japanese government will go after 580 sites outside Japan to remove all illegal content such as anime, manga etc 1 year from now. The particular target is China and government ministry estimated 560 billion yen is lost due to piracy (equals to USD$ 5.4 billion) annually. Undoubtedly, the fansub sites might be targeted too.

How successful it would be is kinda doubtful, given the dissemination of these products is so widespread and common especially at Asia.

I am interested to see how they will pull this one off.