Monday, January 12

First impressions: Rideback / ライドバック

Just saw it and I love it very, very much. The story is about Rin, an ex-ballerina prodigy who can't dance anymore due to a severe injury found her body expression freedom again when she riding a mecha/motorcycle in near future Japan out of curiosity. However her new found freedom is clouded by an oppressive military government that replaces representative democracy who sees university students as most dangerous rebels against their absolute rule.

The university student themselves were organizing protests against the military government with tacit approval from some of the intellectuals in the university. Think of South Korean student protest movement in the 80s and you will get the picture.

I would heartily recommend this series to anyone who look for something more meaningful to watch. Very few anime can impresses me within 1 episode and happily this is one of them.

Easily the most beautiful scene in anime so far. It captures essence of human spirit: freedom. Because of her background, the mecha/motorcycle reacts to her in certain manner that is liberating to see.

The question of this series is, will Rin's spirit overcome her surrounding or to be corrupted by odious government.

Easily the best series of new year offering so far.

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