Monday, July 27

Gungrave Live Action

The company behind King of Fighters live action movie (Convergence) got rights for Gungrave, action packed anime based on SEGA game by Nightow Yashiro (Trigun) It has impressive anime series since the game has shallow story but I feel kinda queasy about this one. To be fair, I haven't seen any other movies from this company yet so I withhold my judgment until the King of Fighters is out. Who knows, they might turn out to be good. Afterall, DOA movie is a fun romp since it did not take itself seriously. If they captured the spirit of the original media, it should be alright.

Tentatively slated for 2010 release with modest budget of 30-40 million USD.

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Canaan (formerly 428 the Animation) movies?

I heard a rumor that 13 episode Canaan series will be compiled into 3 movies, 1st movie to be shown in October 2009. So far the production value of anime is above average but many blanks yet to be explained by the anime. And the show is kinda reminded me of Madlax. But chicks with gun is good stuff for me. Yeah babey.

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