Saturday, May 30

Christian Bale as Solid Snake?

Okay, I am a slowpoke but I read something about upcoming Metal Gear Solid LA movie which might cast Mr Bale as Solid Snake. In the interview back in 2007 (that's how slow I am!) he speaks about this role.

On IMDB it is listed as 2009 release (still in production though) but so far I don't hear a squat about it from Rotten Tomatoes or any sort of trailer so I kinda reserved anything about this. Kurt Wimmer the guy who give us the idea of gun kata (Equilibrium) and super posing movie Ultraviolet will be directing Metal Gear Solid. It is known that Hideo Kojima been wanting to make a movie instead of game which explains super long cinematic scenes in later games.

Christian Bale has the intensity and dark aura about him to play as Solid Snake. After excellent performance as John Connor in Terminator Salvation and Batman, nothing is impossible for this man. I am very much looking forward to this if this is for real.

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