Wednesday, January 20

The story of Nishimata Aoi

She is famous for her work on Shuffle! series. Her works also featured in many eroge games and been active since 1994.

Her first well known moe project is Ugo Rice where her illustration is said to be key factor reviving the dead town of 16,000 people into a happening place with anime fans flocking there to buy the rice thanks to her illustration. From there, the ball starts rolling where now there is even battery laced with moe drawings. Some people credited her as the catalyst of this phenomenon. What amuses me the most is the watermelon moe edition by her.

Aoi Nishimata next notoriety is her selection as Japanese artist in Star Wars illustration project where a lots of people in Japan reacted pretty badly to the choice. Some of them are pretty scathing of her originality and lack of evolution.

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