Sunday, July 26

HALO Legends and Mamoru Oshii.

Mamoru Oshii, the genius behind Ghost in the Shell movies and many of my favourite series will be helping Shinji Aramaki (Viper's Creed, Appleseed ) to animate history of Spartan Warrior System in HALO anime adaptation. Apparently, some of the biggest guns of anime industry will be involved; Toei, Production I.G, BONES, Studio 4C. There will 7 short stories based on HALO universe in plan to be animated.

Personally, I think gaming is getting bigger than movie in USA. Microsoft is banking on this to offset disappointing Vista OS sales.

This development is hardly surprising as entertainment becomes more immerse friendly and integrated instead of stand offish media.

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Madhouse adaptation of Iron Man and Wolverine

Suh-weet! Looks dynamic and I suspect this is a movie tie-in for sequel for Ray Downey Jr Iron Man 2 next year. Slated to be 12 episodes next spring with another superhero, the nasty Wolverine...

Madhouse has respectable name in creating awesome, action packed animes hence my enthusiasm for this news. With big name like Sony to bankroll the effort, expect top notch animation and production for the series. There is 2 more superhero series by this cross boundary collaboration which not announced yet AFAIK. The series is slated to be aired on ANIMAX in Spring 2010.

I definitely checking out this.

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