Monday, March 17

Wow, a special treat for Makoto Shinkai fans.

A friend of mine linked me this album on imgur of Makoto Shinkai productions stills and works which is remarkable. Being a fan of his work, this is indeed a big boon for me.

Here is the album, enjoy!


Thursday, March 6

Kadokawa launching new online manga portal service soon.

Wow, an impressive number of 200 titles are to be featured on this portal with starting 40 titles will be available in translation to English or Chinese at the launch. What more, it would be free and the library is from anthologies like Shonen Ace and Young Ace. Titles like D-Frag, Haruhi, Haganai, Gundam and Eva (for example) will be ready for fans to read. It is 100 percent legal too.

AFAIK, no limitation in terms of nationality so non Japanese can access the site too. What is the catch?

Well you can read the new chapter of ongoing series 2 weeks after it is published in printed edition - a small price to pay IMHO. Just wait a while and you will get your fix.

Kadokawa is hoping to feature translation option in French in future soon and set the date for the site operation on 22nd March 2014. Oh, I forgot to mention again that this site is free.

The website.