Wednesday, April 6

Tiger and Bunny....Yes or no?

At first I am puzzled by high quality production and intrigued by this reality show take on superheroes angle. Then I realize one thing, some of the names emblazoned on the hero's costume are real life counterparts. Pepsi, Bandai and Softbank, these were the guys with big money. Ingenious, their advertising on the costumes reminds me of the World Cup soccer player jersey names.

Story? Well, I am still withholding judgment here, not too sure if the story can remain fresh despite such luscious art. Music is pretty standard hero type, nothing fancy here.

EDIT (8/4/2011): I decided to remove the illegal stream and post the trailer instead. Enjoy the trailer and those who able to subscribe to legal streaming, just google "Anime On Demand" or ANN video. My apologies.

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