Monday, April 20

More details on EVA 2.0 new girl

Okay, this is what I know:

1. Maaya Sakamoto (Kara no Kyokai insane knife user Ryogi Shiki) will be voicing her.
2. She designed as "fan service" female character. Means naked scenes of her?
3. She will be center of "new shocking stories" that never seen before. More moe?
4. She is a glasses wearing trope of anime stereotype for appeal to meganekko crowd (spectacles fetish).
5. She did not have a name that based on any Imperial Japan's warship convention.
6. Her name will be Mari Makinami.
7. She is a brunette.

As for Asuka's new name, I don't know what is the significance. Perhaps an EVA fan can tell me more about this. To be honest, I am not too comfortable of where is the direction of remake of EVA is going. Ah well, it remains to be seen. My suspicion of Mari is somewhat a pastiche of Mana Kirishima and Mayumi Yamagishi, side characters from non canonical Girlfriend of Steel and 2nd Impression games. However what role will she play is entirely unknown, GAINAX have kept a tight lip on that.

Trailer here.

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