Wednesday, March 18

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0/ 東京マグニチュード8.0

New disaster anime series project from Bones cooperating with Cinema Citrus, slated for July 2009 release.

Story about a young woman who is a delivery person and 2 children (one kid and a school girl) trying to survive an aftermath of Richter 8.0 scale Kanto Plain Earthquake (In 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, which it is registered at 8.3 Richter scale caused at least 100,000 - 140,000 deaths) that slammed Tokyo in contemporary setting. Director is Masaki Tachibana (Seirei no Moribito, Ghost in the Shell , Eureka 7). Reportedly, the makers based this on theory that a big Kanto Earthquake is overdue and soon to come in 30 years period of time with strength of at least Richter scale of 7.0. They researched previous earthquakes and interviewed survivors in making this series.

A rather novel series from usual fare, I am looking at this with some interest. Sounds like serious anime, not the usual moe harem shit which I mightily approve.

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Catwalk, Miss Roboto?

She introduced herself as “cybernetic human HRP-4C” at her first press conference, and charmed her audience just as any supermodel would. She smiled, struck seductive poses, and even made mistakes that her inventors attributed to nerves. Except that this head-turner is a fashion-bot, and she’ll make her catwalk debut in Tokyo on March 23.

Oh, there is always first time for everything and frankly speaking this kinda worries me. Where is humanity's place will be, if such idiosyncratic field like fashion catwalk dominated by robots like her/it? The fact I address the conception as "her" besides "it" is indicative of increasing blur between machine and person.

Damn Asimov. By the way, is this considered "moe"?


Domo kun inspired fashion

So one day I check my blog's statistic and I found this very curious link. It made link to my Domo-kun entry so in reciprocation I went to the original site. Lo and behold, I am amused by this photo that is featured in the entry with my link it it.


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