Wednesday, November 11

Independent work anime short

"Hiroyasu Ishida, a 21-year-old student who is aspiring to be an animator, has posted on Monday a 143-second "Fumiko no Kokuhaku" (Fumiko's Confession) anime short that he independently directed, animated, edited, and recorded. Ishida (a.k.a. "Tete") received some assistance on the backgrounds, 3D CG textures, in-between animation, and 3D modeling."

A student from KSU, this short showcase timing, detailed animation and uses a simple but right soundtrack (I hear this first time from Ebichu). The scene where the schoolgirl went down the stairs uncontrollably is direct homage to Spirit Away scene where Sen have similar situation, only shorter. This one turns it into one long, elaborate scene. And maybe, maybe I doing a wild guesswork here but the baseball obsessed male lead reminds me of Shinji from Evangelion series.

His personal website.

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun / とある科学の超電磁砲 character similarity?

LOL, this is interesting comparison of this one to Pokemon.

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