Saturday, December 28

Thursday, November 21

Princess Kaguya (2013) Long Trailer

Okay this is a 6 min trailer on 2nd Studio Ghibli movie of the year, The Story of Princess Kaguya. Directed by same dude who did Graveyard of Fireflies (Isao Takahata), I suspect it will be another tearjerker or thematically sad at the minimum.

Needless to say, I am eager to watch this. Bring it on. Coming soon to Japan on 23rd November 2013, no announcement for international screenings yet.

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Thursday, November 7

HBO and De Toro is doing Monster? Fuck yeah!

One of the best news in early 2013 (yes I am slowpoke) is De Toro working with Stephen Thompson ( Dr Who, Sherlock) on Urasawa Naoki's Monster for HBO. However no other details are available nor airing date. We can only wait for now.

Cool shit indeed.


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Thursday, October 17

Sub vs Dub?

The eternal struggle between sub vs dub. Honestly, I am in the middle of both.

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Friday, October 11

2nd Season for Gargantia is confirmed.

Here it is, the Tweet that confirmed 2nd Season. I cannot wait, to be honest. Guess Galactic Mankind will come in the next installment?

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Tuesday, September 10

Upcoming anime - Autumn 2013.

Shows that I will pay attention are Coppelion, Valrave 2nd Season, GITS Arise, Kara no Kyokai, Bushiroad, Ars Nova and Pupa. Click on preview image for bigger resolution.

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Hal (2013)


Hal or Haru is a new movie by Ryoutato Makihara in full directorial debut. This guy involved in Shingeki no Kyojin, Fractale, Tatami Galaxy and many more. The story is about a replicant android sent to a girl who just lost her beloved in a plane accident. The android is designed to sound and look like him so the girl unable to accept it/him at 1st but slowly warms up.

Sounds like a very emotional and intriguing story, caught my interest intensely. Released in Japan on June this year.

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Another Fate/Stay Night Anime?

Okay, latest issue of Newtype did not say much except for "it will be faithful to the original source". That's it.

Speculation from me? I am thinking 2 things - a reboot or Heaven's Feel.

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Tuesday, September 3

Sunday, September 1

Hayao Miyazaki announcing his retirement

The beloved anime director, Hayao Miyazaki is announcing his retirement. I dunno if this has to do with storm of criticism against him for anti war stance that he expressed so overtly in last movie, Kaze Tachinu but the announcement has an interesting timing nevertheless. I certainly remembered that he came back after his son, Goro directed Earthsea back in 2007-2008.

One might say that his comeback is not very successful, Ponyo and Kaze Tachinu has failed to garner the applause like his best previous works - Nausicca, Spirited Away, Totoro and Mononoke Hime. Perhaps he felt he has lost his touch hence the retirement? Purely speculation from me though. Or health reasons? He will make more announcement soon at Tokyo after noted absence at Venice film festival.

No other details are known yet.


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Wednesday, August 28

Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Movie? Really?

Okay, I dunno if this is true or not but apparently there is a movie based on famous manga/anime series coming soon in 2014. Unfortunately this is all I got so far, no announcement of cast or director etc.

I will take this news with a grain of salt.

Source no 2

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Thursday, August 15

Imagine De Toro Directing Live Action Madoka. Wow!

Hoah! Just saw this picture and immediately I can imagine him directing a live action version of Madoka. Seriously! Imagine it done in Pan's Labyrinth's style. That will be quite something.

Well, he could be just teasing and having fun, maybe bought for his own geeking time or maybe something more? You never know.


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Tuesday, August 13

Sadogawa Jun passed away :(

Creator of Muteki Kanban Musume, Jun Sadogawa (34) passed away recently. RIP.

Cause of death is suicide, he is found at the park.


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Saturday, August 10

Patlabor Live Action Alphonse spotted at Yokohama.

Remember the live action movie of Patlabor?

Well, these are photos taken at Yokohama not long ago, apparently it is from filming site. Check it out. The movie is slated for release in 2014 with participation of Mamoru Oshii. As a mecha geek, this is an awesome news indeed.

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Kaze Tachinu is Miyazaki's criticism against resurgent Japanese nationalistic past.

Kaze Tachinu, latest movie from maestro, Hayao Miyazaki has generated controversy for lack of cuteness and very somber tone - in fact some people felt it is a veiled criticism of current Japanese crawl back to nationalism that cost the nation so dearly in World War 2. In fact some quarters in Japan hit back at the film maker, asking him to stay away from politics.

"Right after you see the first successful Zero flight there's a scene where the ground is littered with smashed planes, which is his message right there." - a poignant statement to me.

I haven't watch the movie yet but this views have gave me a lot of pause for thought and needless to say, makes me more intrigued about it than ever.

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Wednesday, August 7

Cool Medley of Anime songs

Cool medley of at least 15-20 songs from anime from Shingeki no Kyojin to Shakugan no Shana III.

And nice voice too.

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Thursday, July 25

A Parody OP of Attack on Titans / 進撃の巨人

A tongue in cheek humor inspired by Attack on Titans (2013). Hahaha!

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