Thursday, May 14

Eden of the East / 東のエデン Impressions so far

Yes, yes, YES!

After 4 episodes, this is the definitive anime of 2009 besides Rideback. These 2 are great saviour to largely lackluster 2009 so far. When Oasis was used for OP, I knew this series have some extraordinary touch and I was right on the money after 4 episodes.

Considering the unusual lack of manga or light novel adaptation nature of the series, Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Seirei no Moribito) took a very big risk in crafting this one. What is even more unothorodox is his usage of Honey and Clover diminutive mangaka, Chika Umino which well known for soft character designs. The story is hard edged sci fi but with these gentle, almost serene character designs serves as stark contrast. What statement is Kamiyama is making in doing so? The Japanese fans were very intrigued by this series earlier on and Eden of the East ratings is pretty high for late night anime airing. So far, the series have sustained quite well.

Nevertheless what struck me is deep feeling in this series, the people definitely take time and dedication to create this gem of the season. Someone asked me why all her work so far always feature a short, little girl as heroine. The hint? This is photo of mangaka (the one in the middle).

As you can see, she is fond of doing self insertion (my guess that is)

Reviews will be up after 11 episodes and a movie(?).

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