Sunday, June 30

Shows that I Might Want to Check Out

Story is about a brilliant student who decided to go to a unknown high school that specializes in agriculture to escape his family. However, he began to develop passion for green things as time went on. Created by Full Metal Alchemist mangaka, I will watch this since I do enjoy the Brotherhood version of the said work. It is said that the mangaka, Hiromu Arukawa is raised up by parents who were dairy farmers.

A reboot of famous Rozen Maiden. I do like the old series so I will give this one a shot.

I don't think this needs any explanation. Shinbo is back with Nissho Isshin work again.
I am intrigued with Goro Taniguchi (controversial guy behind Code Geass) newest work but the trailer did not interest me. Meh.

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Valvrave The Liberator is Insanely Interesting.

Sunrise and writer of  Code Geass & PlanetES  (Ichiro Okuchi) just gave the world a batshit insane series, Valvrave the Liberator. Why I say that? On the surface it looks like a predictable, shonen angsty mecha series that Sunrise churns annually but by the end of Ep 1, it is not.

By Ep 10, it have transcended the ceiling, it can never look back.

Looks like Second Season will be one funky ride.

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