Monday, December 14

Unique mecha

LOL! Interesting idea!

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Iron Vendetta

It begins as self published doujin then have some animated pictures which must have attracted some investment, supposedly release an episode this year. However from the site diary, it seems that it will be delayed. Looks pretty somber work with nicely designed mecha which reminds me of Armoured Core ilk. The female characters looks like intense loners by themselves, however not much information can be gleaned so far. All I know is they release a compilation of their production works and stuff, call it "audio picture" in Comicket.

What I do like is the size of the mecha. It is not too ridiculously big and looks like something that is designed for warfare with proper military camouflage, not like Gundams.

Looks pretty impressive but I wonder if the story can live up to the trailers. I will check it out as always when it is out, Hahaha!

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