Wednesday, February 3

Highschool of the Dead anime? Hahahah!

Zombieland? Land of the Dead? Dawn of the Dead? Shawn of the Dead? Left for Dead?

Lately zombie genre has doing pretty well and guess what, anime now jumping into the bandwagon. Highschool of the Dead is zombie apocalypse mixed with Japanese school girl and katana slashing action. The manga is great for shits and giggles, not meant to taken seriously. Heck the illustrator, Shoji Satoh used to draw for hentai stuff.


Likewise, I would expect the anime not to be taken seriously, it is a roller coaster ride ala Zombieland (which btw an awesome movie). Boobs, tits, skirts, pantyshots and zombie chomping action coming in your way, soon! Yeehaw!

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