Thursday, September 17

Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou / マイマイ新子と千年の魔法

Madhouse and Black Lagoon director (Sunao Katabuchi) is collaborating on this novel by Nobuko Takagi adaptation into a movie, soon to be premiered in Japan on 11 November 2009. Premise is set around 1950s, somewhere in a town located at southwestern Japan, where a nine-year-old girl named Shinko has an ancient family connection to a 1000 year old province of Suo which full of legends. Shinko joins Kiko, a transfer student from her school, on a magical adventure based on their imagination or it could be real. The novel is based on her autobiography.

If anyone wondered why this movie looks like Miyazaki, perhaps it is worth remembering that Sunao Katabuchi used to work with Studio Ghibli on Kiki's Delivery Service and Sherlock Hound the TV series. The trailer has good soundtrack, I have to say. I might check this out due to the fact I liked Black Lagoon a lot despite it feels and looks like children fantasy stuff like Eragon.

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Solid Snake is real!

Embarrassed officials were at a loss to explain how Jean-Pierre Treiber, 45, a double murder suspect, managed to elude detection in the box he had built himself at a workshop in the high security prison of Auxerre, Burgundy.
With its hidden human cargo, the box was loaded with dozens of others onto a lorry for delivery to the Yonne region, southeast of Paris.


Metal Gear Solid rocks. LOL

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