Saturday, May 31

Dragon Ball Live Action

There is one giant elephant you cannot ignore in the room and it is called Dragon Ball Live Action.

The cast has been assembled here....

Here is the list of cast from IMDB. James Masters as Piccolo? Never expected that!

Justin Chatwin ... Goku

Yun-Fat Chow ... Master Roshi

James Marsters ... Lord Piccolo

Emmy Rossum ... Bulma

Jamie Chung ... Chi Chi

Joon Park ... Yamcha

Randall Duk Kim ... Grandpa Gohan

IMDB Entry

Now most old fans of franchise are screaming blood. As usual.
Bulma is kinda hot though.

Personally it is an interesting project, but there will be a lot of challenges as expectations are high. Already people are upset that Goku was an American.

I do wonder if they capture the feel of the show. That is crucial.

Islamic protest on Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

Anime DVDs pulled after Muslims protest
'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' called offensive

By Gavin J. Blair

May 22, 2008, 01:28 PM
TOKYO -- Shueisha Inc. has pulled an anime DVD series based on a popular manga after protests from Muslims about the negative portrayal of the Koran, the publisher said Thursday.

An episode of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" featured a villain looking at a copy of the Koran before ordering the killing of the hero and his companions, in a story set in Egypt.

Shueisha said the illustrators were unable to read Arabic and therefore unaware that the featured text came from the Islamic holy book, saying it was included to give "authenticity." The book doesn't appear in the original manga.


More details and commentary from here

Link 2

In this case, I do felt the fault is on both sides, the Japanese for not consulting research properly and the Islamic ulama for over reacting to a mere entertainment medium.

But this is a replay of sectarian senstivity to protrayal of any associated memes in popular media.