Wednesday, September 23

Cowboy Bebop Live Action updates

According to this site, original script of famous Cowboy Bebop is costing too much money despite it is being "faithful and awesome" according to the star, Keanu Reeves. Apparently, the sum is around 500 million USD which is even more expensive than James Cameron's Titanic 200 million USD incidentally. In this one, Peter Craig talks on how much is not lost in translation when he adapted the series into proposed movie, only have to rewrite it when studio executives balked at the cost involved to realize his draft into proper movie.

It sounds like there is a possibility of the potential of the series will be adjusted to budget constraints, and that frankly troubled me little bit. Peter Craig consulted the original makers of the anime series in order to get it right but now he has readjust in face of Hollywood economics. According to Reeves, "all" will be in the movie. Even 2 hour movie will be hard pressed to include all of the cast, so I am already worried little bit here.

After experience of Dragonball Z ,I can understand why the movie studios were kinda worried with anime adaptation strategy so far.

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