Friday, April 3

Ami Kawashima/ 川嶋 亜美: ToraDora! voice actress

Voice actress Eri Kitamura wearing the school uniform that Ami wore in ToraDora!, promoting her character. She cosplaying here technically, also...she is promoting merchandises that is related to her characters.

Yes, yes I am a slowpoke. Blow me.

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First Impressions: K-On! / けいおん!


Impressive ED, generic OP (they miss Yamakan's touch here) and the 1st episode generally follow the manga panel by panel so far. As I observed earlier, a very normal, commercially appealing anime, nothing intense or deep here. But it is good stress reliever after hard day at work and for some people, that's anime is all about.

I did chuckled at Krauser II reference though.

Nothing special and this is my last post on K-On anime. Not my kinda cup of tea/coffee or whatever beverage. Kyoto Animation really know how to make money though.


More detailed discussion here
My overall prediction for the series

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