Monday, May 18

Bubble Gum Crisis Live Action Movie Updates

Singapore joined a consortium of 6 countries to produce live action Bubblegum Crisis, a hard hitting cyberpunk mecha anime in 90s. It is set to be the first feature film made under Singapore-Australia, Australia-Canada, Canada-Singapore, China-Australia and China-Canada co-production treaties. Principal is by Mokko Studios in Australia with most shots will be taken there (I wonder which part of Australia that looks cyberpunkish?) The movie also aimed at Chinese market, apparently. Notice the absence of Japan in the setup despite the origin.

30 million USD were available in making of the movie, slated for 2012 CE release.

Very intriguing setup and cooperation, I must say.


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K-On! / けいおん!【巡音ルカ】 [Don't Say Lazy] ED variations

Someone posted this and I thought the German dub sounds better.

English Dub

German Dub


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