Wednesday, August 26

Cencoroll / センコロール

What attracts me is one, this movie is done by ONE man ala Makoto Shinkai's Hoshi no Koe long time ago. Atsuya Uki will animate, wrote and direct this movie alone and there is sparse information about him. He did not appear to have done any major work in any other animation which struck me as very bold of him to do this. And Sony willing to bankroll him under aegis of Aniplex which shows how good his work must have been. Looking at the trailers, it does seem this way.

Synopsis is during one normal day in a Japanese city, a strange lifeform began to attack it. While the Japanese Self Defence elements try to stop it amidst panicking citizen, one girl; Yuki seems to know about this strange life form thanks to her acquaintance to Tetsu who have a weird pet goes by the name of Cenco. An inevitable battle ensues between 2. The main life form for some reason, reminds me of a very angry and cranky white penis.

The trailer have very funky music score and beautiful, fluid animation. The project was revealed 2 years ago at Anime Innovation Tokyo. This movie definitely is high on my must watch list. 3rd trailer just released online.

Premiered first time on July 28th with general release on 22 August, no announcement of DVD/Blu Ray release so far yet.

Official Website.

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Sunday, August 23

Fate/Stay Night the Movie running length

Fate/Stay Night the Movie "Unlimited Blade Works" will have a running length of...90 minutes. Honestly, I have no flying fuck idea how Studio Deen gonna condense the story. The knots in my stomach is tightening even further now.


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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn / 機動戦士ガンダムUC(ユニコーン will be 6 OVAs

It is announced that it will have 6 OVAs with running length of 50 minutes each. Release date is tentatively set at next spring. First OVA will covering materials from vol 1 and 2 of the light novels according to the author. As BANDAI stated, it will be simultaneous worldwide release, ostensibly to prevent digital piracy of the OVAs.

Bandai's announcement

The list of VA for the OVAs is here. Haruka Tomatsu seems to be everywhere this year, even in this series.

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Black Rock Shooter anime pilot by Yamakan

The only reason why I knew this because I find out that ex Haruhi diretor Yamamoto Yutaka and the gang (Studio Ordet) will be doing this anime. Black Rock Shooter is a basically Miku Hatsune's opposite, as I was told. Expect fluid animation and very expressive face like Kannagi. Other than that, I have no idea. It looks good for sure.

The main site

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Hidamari Sketch / ひだまりスケッチ Season 3 is coming

Generally considered as most charming slice of life anime series, will be aired for 3rd season. The project is given a go sign and announced at TBS Anime Fiesta 2009. I knew some people very enamored with this particular series, they would definitely overjoyed to hear this. I kinda liked the series very Zen, slow pacing so I will wait for this one.

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LDP anime political ad, part 2

Taro Aso is counting on anime softpower to stave off defeat in upcoming election this end of August. This is part 2, showing the opposition leader promising impossible stuff to customers with unrealistic manifestos.

Does it work? No idea. But Taro Aso future as Premier of Japan looks pretty gloomy.

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Berserk OVA?

Rumors of possible Berserk sequel is getting stronger with these supposedly leaked pics from OVA by Studio 4C. Unfortunately I have no other leads to follow so far so guess have to wait and see if this is going to be true or not. Some people decry these as fakes, some insisted it as true. Me? I have no idea at all. A look at Studio 4C homepage yield no concrete proof.

It is all up in the air, to honest.

Updates! Link Trailer

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Friday, August 14

Fate/Stay Night the Movie Promo is here

Looks good but Studio Deen still worries me. Remember the dragon scene from TV episode 15?

Recycled animation from TV with touch ups. The trailer stated release on 23rd January 2010. Not long from now.

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Wednesday, August 12

Chinese anime music video; Super VC.

MV version

Story version

Pretty interesting music vid from Chinese rocker band Super VC. All latest Chinese military hardware is on show here and it is very patriotic. Top notch animation too. So yeah, Chinese hate Japanese but still consume the cultural memes from Land of Rising Sun. Heh.


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Monday, August 10

Darker than Black Season 2 Promo

Yeap, the promo is here. I consider Season 1 as one of the above average series and could not wait for Season 2 to come. This time, a new character will appear in Russian loli chick to grace the 2nd season.


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Sunday, August 9

Shakugan no Shana S OAD/OVA updates


Apparently I erred big time and there is no 3rd season of Shakugan no Shana series on this October. 4 episodes with 30 mins each is announced here ; Vol 1 is on Oct 2009, 2nd on Feb 2010, 3rd will be on Mac 2010 and final one is Aug 2010.

Reason why I waited so long because I thought they will be announcement on the 3rd TV series after the OVA/OAD but I guess the speculation is dead with no follow up announcement. It seems that these OVA/OAD will serve as sidestories to expand on characters such as Sabrac. Titles were:

1. Reshuffle (Body & Mind)
2. Zoetrope (Western Mirror)
3. Ceremony (Ceremony)
4. Domicile (Home/Address)

In good old fashion, my deep apologies.

Trailer here

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A very unique mahjong anime announced, ムダヅモ無き改革 or Legend of Koizumi

Erm yeah,

Mudazumo naki kaikaku / ムダヅモ無き改革 or Legend of Koizumi, a satire manga about global top leaders playing mahjong to shape the destiny of geopolitics is getting anime treatment soon. So, we have tenpa moe Saki (fan service school girls in short skirts) and now we have errr...macho gar real life politicians with cool hair in mahjong genre.

From what I know so far, the latest arc now involves Ukranian PM Tymoshenko, Pope, Koizumi, Putin and Bush Snr playing all stakes high game to prevent global domination by resurgent Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts who build a base on moon. Yeah baby, whatever the mangaka (Hideki Owada) is smoking, I want some too.

That's pretty trippy and I still in daze hearing this. I waiting for Obama to show up, showing some cool mahjong moves. Or maybe in local patriotism, my country's PM Najib show up but that will be strange since Muslims are not allowed to gamble.

It is not known if there is going to be OAD or movie or series. Whatever it is, I wonder if the political backlash will be as severe as Hetalia-Korea affair or worse since they involve real life current political leaders. And yeah, I am still in shock and awe about this development. More pictures and detail can be seen here.

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Thursday, August 6

John Lasseter talks about Hayao Miyazaki

Successful John Lasseter who created shows like Toy Story, A Bug's Life which vaulted Pixar into powerhouse name in animation world talks about his Japanese counterpart, Hayao Miyazaki. He is pratically gushing about Miyazaki, no surprise considering how charming his works have become worldwide.

This discussion is about Miyazaki supposed successor, Yoshifumi Kondo who directed Whisper of Heart. It gives an insight on how American top guns regarded Miyazaki talent and skill as maestro animator.

Interesting thing is discussion on Goro Miyazaki, the son who debut with Tales of Earthsea. Apparently there is schism between father and son which prompted the elder Miyazaki comeback in Ponyo as if to prove a point. Perhaps he felt his son is not to the mettle?

Another interesting human drama here.

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Tokyo 2016 Olympic Captain Tsubasa

The man who responsible for Captain Tsubasa series, Yoichi Takahashi, launched few illustrations to bolster Tokyo's bid to host 2016 Olympics. Reportedly the series inspired a lot of current superstars of soccer such as Torres, Del Piero and Totti. Tokyo Olympic bidders, learning a cue or two from Taro Aso's softpower concept and diplomacy hoped to inspire local youths to support their bid for 2016 Games.


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Saturday, August 1

Fate/Stay Night the Movie

Good news for TYPE-MOON fans, Fate/Stay Night the movie is announced not long ago and the main site featured Archer's Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works as background picture. My suspicion is the movie will be on 2nd story arc Unlimited Blade Works after the anime series finished the route on Fate.

It means Rin Tohsaka will be main heroine this time and we got to see how awesome Archer is. And awesome scene where Unlimited Blade Works go against Gates of Babylon in ultimate bladed weapons spam. Needless to say, it is my favourite arc of the game.

It would seem that TYPE-MOON will focus on this after they are done with Kara no Kyokai movie saga.

Yeah babey.

Main site

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