Wednesday, November 4

I am amused by this....


Despite the predicted horrific sales prospect for Haruhi S2 DVD/BD sales because of much maligned Endless Eight arc, it did pretty well. The 2nd disc of Endless Eight arc sold close to 12,900 (benchmark is 3000) copies showing that Kyoto Animation magic still held true with massive support from loyal Haruhi fans. First volume of the arc sold about 14,000 copies, much to surprise of many people.Many pundits said that the other remaining volumes of the arc will breach the 10,000 mark each based on this example but it remains to be seen. Seriously, this did not make sense to me at all. The only thing I can think of is moe-tardism: The fans were so enraptured by the moe factor that they willing forgive almost everything, even with such massive trolling by the studio. I cannot imagine any other normal series can pull this off without incurring any wrath from fans. What I fear now that in future anime studios will churn out more craps because they believe the fans will lap it up despite angry reactions from the public. As long it have enough moe and nicely packaged to appeal to more baser instinct.

Like my friend said it once, market forces do not apply to otakus. By the way, the Haruhi movie is scheduled for 6th of Feb 2010, but it is subject to change.


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