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Code Geass and Malaysian Politics? Marcos and Voltes 5?

It was indeed surprising and relieving to hear Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announcing the release of 13 Hindraf detainees and lifting the temporary ban on opposition newspapers.
This move is somewhat parallel to ex-prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s promising speech for reforms when he entered office in 2003, only that PM Najib’s move was one of ‘action speaks louder than words’.

Najib’s action reminds me of Code Geass, a Japanese anime about the struggle of Japan against Britannia, a powerful nation that had colonised Japan and renamed that nation to ‘Area 11’.

In one scene the opposition, Order of the Black Knights, had gained substantial popularity in Area 11, especially amongst the Japanese because of their ability to win many battles against Britannia in their revolt. They are seen to be the messiahs for the Japanese and many threw their support behind the Order of the Black Knights.

This situation is synonymous to the opposition in Malaysia. The Order of the Black Knights has a reason to revolt – Britannia’s unjust treatment against the Japanese, which includes discrimination, deletion of their national identity, et cetera.

Pakatan Rakyat has a reason to strive – the ruling government’s unjust implementation of policies, corruption, discrimination, draconian laws, etc.

At the peak of the story, a new Britannia governor for Area 11 was sworn in and made her first speech – in which she reestablished Japan’s name and identity, Britannians and Japanese were now equal. This speech’s impact was far reaching.

The Britannians, who were comfortable with being of a higher status were not happy. The Order of the Black Knights, meanwhile, lost their cause to fight, because what they were fighting for had been fulfilled.

Therefore, it is no surprise that after PM Najib’s speech of releasing the Hindraf detainees and lifting the ban on opposition newspapers has somewhat diminished temporarily the purpose of PR.

If PM Najib were to go all the way and erase every single reason for Pakatan’s establishment, BN will definitely regain the confidence of the people. However, just like in the anime, it might come with a price in that perhaps the comfortable cronies would lose out.

In any case, PM Najib must not use this affirmative action for reforms as a veil over allegations of his alleged involvement in the murder of Altantuya.

He must indeed be cleared of any involvement through court proceedings. PM Najib, your good deeds will not even out or cover the serious allegations against you. The truth will.

Article in question

Amusing article from Malaysia Kini using anime as analogy to explain political situation. Last time it is the story of Philippine's Marcos and Voltes 5. In this historical case study, President Marcos known for his kleptocracy and corrupted regime, abetted by his greedy wife Imelda banned Voltes 5 anime series after rebels rally around this superobot series to chastise his administration indirectly.

When Voltes was rebroadcast again after the revolution (1986) that brought down Marcos regime, it was greeted with cheers by hard suffering Filipinos as symbolic victory just like how Voltes bring down the evil oppressive regime of Horned Humans in the anime series.

The History of Marcos and Voltes 5


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