Sunday, April 5

Asylum Session

CoMix Wave, people who behind great anime movies like 5cm and Beyond the Clouds is working on this anime feature now. So far only few screenshots available and no PVs is out yet. Aya Hirano is featured as main VA for the movie, AFAIK.

From the screenshots I can feel it is a psychedelic show with vibrant usage of colours. Not traditional "moe" design can be seen and definitely it feels raw and edgy too.

The synopsis is:

"The Asylum Session's story follows the trials and coming-of-age of teenaged boys and girls in the distant future. In this era, the development of civilization has stopped and even declined. Hiyoko is a runaway girl who goes to live in tents with other people at a stadium nicknamed "Asylum". There, she meets Akira, a leader of a band of street children. Profiteering police want to tear down the stadium, so its denizens create a street culture event called "The Asylum Session" to counter those plans."

Sounds like a story of Rio slums on grander scale and corruption. Interestingly Shinchiro Watanabe just recently concluded Michiko and Hatchin also set in Rio slums too. The movie will be coming at July 2009.

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Eureka Seven Pocket Full of Rainbows PV

Here it is, needless to say, I am looking forward to it.

More details here

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