Saturday, April 4

Kara no Kyokai 6th Movie / 忘却録音 - Oblivion Recorder PV

I couldn't wait for the DVD to pop out (should be today). Finally we got to see Azaka's power and fighting ability.

The ED for 6th Movie.


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Old Imperial Japanese propaganda animation " Sankichi Shock Troops"

Made in 1934, sadly there is no sound to accompany this piece of history. Typical propaganda interwar flick, perhaps shown in cinema before main feature. The bears were Russians, monkeys were Japanese in anthropomorphism fashion. It can gleaned readily that Japanese view on Russians were not flattering(afterall, Imperial Japan defeated Russians in 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War) and this is year that Japanese militarism already superseded civilian government which finally took a disastrous route to Pacific War.


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First Impressions:Phantom ~Requiem of Phantom~

I watch this episode and seriously, Bee Train should stop making gunslinger animes. Their idea of good gunfighting series is a myth of pistol with skirts overwhelm everything else (which we saw reached an orgasmic like ecstasy in Madlax). Just like how they destroy excellent manga Blade of Immortal with insipid series, they took away the essence of Phantom story: grittiness and unrelenting violence which hooked me to play the VN (visual novel) in 1st place. Violence is what drives and shock the dramatis personae in any plot to push themselves to final conclusion of story, not limp like hint of violence (not as bad as Noir)that is seem to be stylized in Phantom. This is like giving a steak that is not cooked at all and call it well done.

The character redesign is okay but Reiji lacks the intense aloofness that makes his character so fascinating. Ein is easy, she is basically Kirika (Noir) repackaged for this series. There is no chemistry between these 2 in this series. Hardly. Dr Scythe lacks that tinge of madness in this anime too. Bee Train took out the hard broiled edge from almost everyone and make them feel out of sync with the world role they supposed to be.

Also for action scenes, Bee Train did not do proper research to make scene authentic as possible. A noted scene not make sense: Ein kneeing Zwei with left side then she do palm strike with left hand which violates the human physiology sense. How the hell she can generate any power with her palm strike that send a guy who is at least 10 kg heavier than her tumbling back like the scene shown? It looks like she is dancing which what I think the anime guys trying to go for but it just looks odd. Very odd for action sequencing.

The only good thing about this series is haunting OP by KOKIA. The ending sounds like crap and out of place with the feel of the story supposed to evoke.

My final thoughts on the ending

Overall, the adaptation is disappointing and I cursing Bee Train forever. ARGHHHH!

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