Friday, September 4

Chinese Animation rips off Makoto Shinkai

San Com and ANN ripped into this Chinese show that uses same background template and animation with 5cm Per Second by famous Makoto Shinkai. They already said what needs to be said but one fact caught my eye and I cannot get over it is this from ANN:

The program's introduction describes it as "a program produced for the youth of China, and animation to raise wholesome minds and teach a noble view of life."

Now....ripping off someone else work is "wholesome minds and teach a noble view of life"?

Making the female students skirt longer did not "nobly" compensate the obvious image piracy. First picture is from Makoto Shinkai and 2nd one is from the Chinese copy.

Chinese did not have to rip off people's work, they have good standards as can be seen here:

Or this one.

Oh well.

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