Saturday, August 23

Franz Kafka's story animated; The Country's Doctor / カフカ 田舎医者


This is multiple award winning effort by Koji Yamamura, based on famous Franz Kafka's story. Very artistic, very surreal and awesome animation. I can see why it is become award winning, it feels unique in experiencing the movie. To me it is like watching Piccasso or Dali's painting being animated in a semblance of a story.

Despite its superlative qualities, this is not for mainstream audience. However for those who look for higher expression of animation, this one is a must see.

Short info on the movie
Variety report on Hiroshima award won by it

Macross Frontier ep 20

Michel died. The ludicrous sniper VF pilot dude punch the ticket right after got confession from Zentraedi woman, Klan.

The problem is the story of their relationship is not developed enough. Hard to feel anything when he got KIA. Frontier is quite pretty but some of the characters are quite hollow. Pity.

Well, it is a genocidal warfare between species, I would expect a very Darwinian struggle. After all, it is war, people get killed.

It is up to the writers of Macross Frontier but my beef is interesting characters like Ozma is sadly neglected. Alto turns out to be cookie cutter character, very predictable whereas the green hair diva reminds me too much of Lynn Min Mei.

Sheryl is alright but some filler episodes like 7 totally wasted her potential to be developed more. As the result she becomes unrealistically moody towards the end of the story.

What I can forsee is they will accelerate the ending. I always in favour of bittersweet ending but Macross has mixed history on that aspect.