Thursday, December 28

Real life mecha? Huh?

Can anyone verify this truly first live mecha?

More here.

History of Super Sentai Series

I recognize some of the series shown here but I have no idea it is very prolific and so many I never seen before. A lot of them looked better than Power Rangers.

Just like super robot series, this video brings nostalgic memories for me. Part of me that will never go away.

BF 2142 Mecha

Looks great! I want to play this game like now.

Moe Lolis, rejoice redux..Zero no Tsukaima Season 2


Second season of Zero no Tsukaima is coming. After such hasty ending of the 1st season which kills off interesting story buildup, I can never imagine how they gonna salvage this wreck.

As usual, I will look at it but with jaundiced opinion. From I gather, the novels is supposed to be quite epic and sweeping which fails to be conveyed in the anime.

Link is here for Japanese speaker.

Malaysian Cosplay stuff


My country anime fans seem to take cosplay hobby pretty seriously. No doubt, it has serious money for serious cosplayers. RM 2000 is a lot to a typical school going teens or young adults in college or university.

Interesting to see how vibrant this cosplay culture, in my own country.

Full article.

The music video of Black Lagoon OP.

The music video of my fave anime OP of the year, Red Faction from MELL.

Weird Cosplay Video

The cosplays are good but I have no idea in hell's bell it was associated with the song. The song is one of those used in "wuxia" series which is popular in HK media. How it come to grace the cosplay, I have no idea.