Sunday, May 30

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA episode 2 trailer is up

It is up 2 days ago, showing the main antagonist of the story. Roughly covered novels vol 3 and 4, I think. Couldn't wait for it, partly curious to see if they will still retain the top notch quality seen in famous 1st episode. Knowing this OVA/OAD format, the quality should be more and less maintained.

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Monday, May 24

The power of Miyazaki

Few years ago, to be more precise around 2004, I met this really, really bitchy and difficult woman who grated on my nerves endlessly. Needless to say, we do not get along at all but one day a topic of Totoro came up. All of sudden, as if by magic, she turns into this soft, happy person that I never thought she is capable of. She smiles beautifully and began to talk about the movie excitedly like a giddy school girl. It is a major shock to me.

That, my friends, is the power of Miyazaki's touch.

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Saturday, May 22

Kyoto Animation next anime?

Hmmmm....this is first glimpse of next series to be animated by famous Kyoto Animation, the studio that spawned moe meme like Lucky Star and K-On!. This time it is Nichijou.

I already can see fanboys licking their lips in anticipation. Heh.


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Saturday, May 8

Cat Shit One anime scheduled in August.

The really, really mindfuck series Cat Shit One is finally scheduled for air in August 2010. Finally! Time for some fluffy PMC action!

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