Tuesday, September 10

Upcoming anime - Autumn 2013.

Shows that I will pay attention are Coppelion, Valrave 2nd Season, GITS Arise, Kara no Kyokai, Bushiroad, Ars Nova and Pupa. Click on preview image for bigger resolution.

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Hal (2013)


Hal or Haru is a new movie by Ryoutato Makihara in full directorial debut. This guy involved in Shingeki no Kyojin, Fractale, Tatami Galaxy and many more. The story is about a replicant android sent to a girl who just lost her beloved in a plane accident. The android is designed to sound and look like him so the girl unable to accept it/him at 1st but slowly warms up.

Sounds like a very emotional and intriguing story, caught my interest intensely. Released in Japan on June this year.

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Another Fate/Stay Night Anime?

Okay, latest issue of Newtype did not say much except for "it will be faithful to the original source". That's it.

Speculation from me? I am thinking 2 things - a reboot or Heaven's Feel.

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