Monday, June 29

Look into past, Hideaki Anno with Daicon III and IV OP

Ah a blast from the past. I remember saw this at friend's house 10 years ago. It includes every reference of sci fi pop culture from 70s and 80s which also marked debut of GAINAX with its problem child, Hideaki Anno.

More can be seen from here.


Thursday, June 25

What's with manga/anime heroes and arms?

When you hold a manga in your hands to read it, your thumbs hover at the edges of your vision while your eyes are focused on the page. But there are so many manga stories about people whose arms turn into monsters or machines that you might want to stop and check what your fingers are up to.

In the popular manga Parasyte, teenage protagonist Shinichi must come to grips with the fact that a shape-shifting space alien has taken over his right arm. A major character in The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service believes his arm to be inhabited by a space alien who speaks through an ever-present hand puppet. The title character of Vampire Hunter D has a mysterious entity living in his hand, with its face appearing in his palm. Relations between a person and a possessed limb are often antagonistic, and there is an episode in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in which a demonically possessed arm actually tries to kill the man it is attached to.

Full article

An interesting discussion why there is so many heroes in anime/manga stories have their arm missing or completely replaced. A humorous example from Midori no Hibi to more serious, gritty Gutts from Berserk.

I believe personally, it is the symbol of heroes willingness to fight for their beliefs, and they are hardcore enough to replace their own arms in expression of such determination. Gutts for revenge for example. When normal hands don't cut it anymore, a powerful replacement, an upgrade is in line to aid the hero in his quest. Interestingly, I haven't run across any main female character losing arms in this manner yet. Gender discrimination at work?


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Monday, June 22

Sunday, June 21

Akira Live Action is dead

Argh crap, one of my favourite anime LA adaptation,"Akira" has crashed into wall of development hell of Hollywood. Apparently the director left the project which pretty much nailed its coffin. Sad indeed.


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2009 Summer Anime lineup

This is the upcoming anime for summer of 2009. Frankly speaking, I only interested in like 2-3 series out of the list; Canaan, Tokyo 8.0 and Spice and Wolf 2.

No good sci fi anime series though. :(

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801 Tonari Chan "revived" by Yamamoto Yutaka.

Something got my interest today, Yamamoto Yutaka the former Kyoto Animation director picked up "dead" project, 801 Tonari Chan which is canceled few months ago. Interesting, considering the problematic relationship between the director and the famous studio due to Lucky Star direction disagreement. Yamamoto went off directing Kannagi with poached former A class staffers from Kyoto Animation and now he is directing 90 second short for former Kyoto Animation project. Coincidence? I dunno. The chances is too high for mere coincidence. It smells of good human drama here, IMHO.

Kannagi even featured an "anonymous" anime director that indirectly chiding Kyoto Animation. Here is summary of an interview with him in English. This interview also reveals his comments on current impasse of anime industry, he basically felt the anime creativity has stagnant since days of Evangelion of mid 90s. He is talks on why Kannagi is more superior and original than ToraDora! and Index in this interview. Interesting fellow!


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Thursday, June 18

Wednesday, June 17

How much money Neon Genesis Evangelion / 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン anime made?

Someone asked me how much $$$$ the series (anime only) made since 1995 until now. To be honest, it is difficult to ascertain exact figure but roughly, Japanese sources (2002) gave it as much 150 billion yen ( 1.3 million USD, I think). Considering the 1998 episode where GAINAX was raided by Japanese tax officers on suspicion of tax evasion worth about estimated 560 million yen which they made from profits of Evangelion franchise, the figures is quite believable. Many scholars and pundits credited the series for reviving the industry of 90s. It is easy to see why.

On sidenote, ADV USA stated that the series earned 2 million USD.

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Tuesday, June 16

K-On! / けいおん! fan's outcry over sudden ending

I couldn't help but LOL at the reaction. Just as I predicted, the series will be only 12-13 eps long due to lack of plot and source material. Reading this on SC however, and I can only shake my head with a smile looking at over reactions. The drug was chopped off and the addicts were howling in pain: This is how I feel like when I reading the outcry. I just hope no one is stupid enough to do something more extreme than this.

Some people I knew celebrating the end of what they perceived as biggest moeshit ever. As for me, I just shrugged my shoulders and move on.

Sankaku Article

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K-On! / けいおん! ED Piano version

Well played. Bravo.

Some errors in small parts but overall not bad too.

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Life Sized RX-78-2 Gundam Monument

Where else but in Japan? However anyone with some knowledge of ground warfare will immediately noticed why Gundam can never be weapons of war. It is too tall and will be instant target for every weapons on battlefield. Way too tall.

The Gundam in "action". So I guess this is biggest otaku wet dream.

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Saturday, June 13

Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm part 1

Warrior emperor from space opera anime; Legend of Galactic Heroes.

He is patterned after Alexander the Great down to the fact that he has handsome features and started young on path of conquest. Alexander also known for his emotional attachment to his mother Olympia during early years is replicated here in Reinhard's very close relationship to his sister, Annerose Grunwald who was forced to be emperor's concubine. This incident angered Reinhard that he swore revenge to bring down Goldenbaum Dynasty ( a writer's nod to Julius Caesar). Alexander have stormy relationship with his father, Philip II of Macedon and Reinhard is no exception, he disdained his father so much that he refuse even to look at him.

However unlike ambitious and cunning Olympia, Annerose serves as beacon of conscience to Reinhard until one day their world view is on separate track which arguably the time when he start to make mistakes in terms of personal development. For years of them together, she nurtured Reinhard with good side of things and make him believe there is hope for humankind despite all ugliness in the world. In contrast,Olympia practically molded Alexander into his manifest destiny, telling him that he descended from Zeus and removed any throne rivals discreetly. Some scholars even believed that she is responsible for murder of her husband, paving way of ascension of her own son to kingship of Macedonia.

Siegfried Kircheis is very close and talented soldier, his relationship with Reinhard can be said almost bordering on homoerotic but they did not really cross the line. He is perhaps molded on Hesphastion, Alexander's closest friend and male lover who is also Captain of his elite Companion Calvary. These 2 played role of emotional backbone to their respective more illustrious friend and interestingly too, when they died, their close friend began to crumble inside. Alexander becomes more tyrannical and emotionally unstable, Reinhard is more prone to impulsive mistakes and egoistical miscalculation.

He handpicked his officers, mostly Young Turks of Imperial Fleet on merit basis instead of aristocratic birth just like Alexander have his closest Companions who fought with him and promoted on merit basis. People like Ptolemy and Seleucus are some examples of Alexander's talented Generals. For Lohengramm, he pick up people like Ruental and Mittermayer which shares the similar vision with him.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Friday, June 12

Intersection, MTV short animation on human trafficking

A hard hitting MTV animation short on human trafficking shown 2 months ago, a sad but real issue going on even in this modern world. In my country alone, there were cases of children kidnapped to be turn into beggars in other nations (usually the syndicate will chop off their limbs to prevent escape and generate sympathy from public to donate).

For this one, several notable celebrities contribute their part.
Check this article for more details. It is pretty good.

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Doraemon versus Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800 series

Who is deadliest?

Doraemon, the cat robot from the future...capable of carrying multi dimensional arsenal inside pocket for far ranging missions.

Terminator...lethal cold robot killer from the future, indestructible and persistent cyborg foe.


And this is the funniest match up. LOL.

K-On! / けいおん! cosplay ED version

More fan made stuff. The ball keeps rolling.

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Monday, June 8

Saturday, June 6

Funimation simulcast plan is in trouble

From what I know, apparently US based company Funimation has yanked out 2 popular series from simulcast lineup; "One Piece" and "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" due to pirates (ironically). They manage to break into one of the server, decrypt it and release one day earlier to the world, hampering Funimation simulcast effort. The stolen episodes are the one with Funimation logo as I was made to understand. As the publishers and production companies fighting back due to shrinking Japanese economic pie, looks like the digital pirates won this round.

No announcement if the company intends to return the series on schedule yet.

A very angry editorial on this matter.
Another story

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Friday, June 5

Obama's Story in manga

No, not the doujin with Aso and Clinton but this is new manwha from Korea. A new venture centered on biopics of famous people by Korea publisher, Kasan. They are cashing on Obama's appeal to penetrate US market with this, I believe. A good idea but some people are not taking this seriously. Obama looks too cute, judging from the cover.

However it is an interesting attempt. I might read it out of sheer curiosity factor.


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Thursday, June 4

Lucky Star/ らき☆すた boxer

No, simply no.

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Darker than Black Season 2


Another sequel on hand! Studio Bones quite good series Darker than Black will have a sequel, having been green lit by studio. I dunno what afflicted Japan lately but seems to me all got bitten by sequel bug. Oh brother. Either they are too scared to make new story or they just want to milk the old ones dry. Or both.

Director for Darker than Black 2 in purportedly leaked Bones document will be Tensai Okamura and manga serializations already released in Young Gangan to promote the series.

As much I welcome the continuation of this one, I becoming quite leery of sequels. I dunno why. Bleh.

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Wednesday, June 3

Shakugan no Shana Season 3 is confirmed

UPDATE on August 4th 2011
Yes it is finally confirmed Fall 2011

The popular series Shakugan no Shana will be given 3rd season, a testament to its popularity with slated airing on October 2009. However with lackluster Season 2, I do wonder if they going to continue the series in similar tired manner or infuse with more dynamism and tight storytelling that is hallmark of Season 1? Latest edition of Dengeki Bunko featured this with proud announcement of the airing time. JC Staff will behind this work again.

Remains to be seen if it is worth to watch another season of Shana and the gang.

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