Thursday, December 31

Happy new year 2010, folks!

As 2009 closing to its end, this been a great fun writing the blog. And I hope it is fun for readers too though admittedly the content could be longer.

Makoto Shinkai is now on a new project, did not say what its name and reveal only barebones of the upcoming story. Another story that dwell on lost and nostalgia, it seems. Don't be surprised with skyshots of gorgeous clouds and blowing wind.

Studio Ghibli will adopt Mary Norton's The Borrowers as their next movie. Don't think the 2 Miyazakis will direct this one though, Ponyo did not do as well as Spirited Away in international market and Tales of Earthsea is considered not very commercially successful so maybe the father and son are licking their respective wounds.

That's it! Bye Bye 2009 and Hello to 2010!

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Oishii is doing Tetsujin 28? Yeah Baby!

Being a long time fan of Oishii, I am very, very excited about this news since I sucker for mecha genre and philosophical (some say he is too pretentious) director. The thing is however, I do not know whether it will be animation or live action. But I don't care which one since I will just grab a boxful of popcorn and watch it anyway. Yeah!


For those who do not have a

My suspicion however fell on the fact it could be IMAGI and Hikari Production upcoming movie T28. But just my speculation.

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K-On! / けいおん! Season 2? No way!

In a news that bound to send moe fans into rabid ecstasy and illicit loud groans from others, K-On! Season 2 is on. The main site announced green lit for Season 2 production and manga did seem go quite far, the girls were preparing themselves for university level exams. Will they lose their appeal once they are not wearing the school uniform anymore?

Commercially it is successful so this announcement did not come as a surprise to me, to be honest.

Main website

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