Thursday, June 30

Anime in real girl....(shivers)

I cannot brain this. Good reason why reality and anime should not mix. Ouch.


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Toradora! author newest work, Evergreen

Yukiyo Takemiya, writer of successful Toradora! is coming with new manga series, Evergreen. I enjoyed her previous work and the conceptual art for this looks great. Coming soon in summer.

Sounds like another school romance drama to me.

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Japanese sport, Baotashi

Seen this few times in anime, now this vid will shed some light what the hell is it all about.

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Fractale manga controvesy?

Yamakan, reeling from dismal series "Fractale" got into news again. This time he asked the manga of the series to be discontinued after a complaint from mangaka herself that the story is "uninteresting". He is basically tell the mangaka to take a hike and stop riding on other's back.

Despite his request, the manga is still being published, now it is up to chapter 10 in Japan. Volume 2 will be out soon too.

Oh so much drama. How typically him, I still remember his pledge that he will quit anime business if Fractale turns into lemon. Ironically, the manga has more coherent pace than the rushed anime. Oh, I haven't blog what I don't like about series. Sucks.

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