Friday, August 11

Some interesting tidbits.


Animax Expands Reach in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, August 10: Sony Pictures Television International’s anime channel Animax has moved to the basic tier on Hong Kong Cable TV after having been an a la carte offering on the platform.

Animax on Cable TV’s basic tier will continue to provide a customized feed, offering both Cantonese dubbing and the original Japanese language for selected programs. Upcoming highlights include Paradise Kiss, Blood+ and Girl From Hell.


Anime Magic

David Jenkins reaches beyond the Adults Only aisle to delve into the world of Japanese Animation.

David Jenkins | Aug 10 2006

Walk into any record shop in London and you’ll find: the rack holding the Japanese animation DVDs (or 'anime' to those in the know) – more often than not be located opposite or adjacent to the Adults Only section. Ask managers why this is and they'll give you a 'beats me?' shrug while swiftly alerting the store detectives to your presence. So how has anime acquired a reputation which places it on a par with a porn? To redress the balance, the NFT are putting on a season of screenings in order to place the genre in a higher-brow light.

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