Sunday, November 19

Batman: Child Of Dreams by Kia Asamiya and Max Allan Collins

There have been a few attempts to meld the worlds of disparate worlds of manga and American comics. One of the more successful attempts is Kia Asamiya's manga Batman: Child Of Dreams. First published in Japan in 2000 and making its way to the U.S. three years later, Child Of Dreams is not your typical take on the caped crusader. With its slightly surreal storyline and gorgeous artwork, Child Of Dreams proves that maybe the worlds of manga and American comics aren't so different

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This is a review on synergy of Western and Japanese comic styling on one title. I haven't read this particular work and I was very intrigued to see how the combination goes. Could be a very good thing since I do believe that diversity is much more superior than one genre approach of all things.

I do hope more works like this will be common in future. Anyone for Alex Ross rendition of Pokemon? Hahahhahaa.

Serious note though, I always felt Japanese lack resolution in story department whereas US has predictability feel in comic storytelling. Perhaps such collaboration will bridge such weaknesses to create a truly impressive work of art to be enjoyed by all people. Maybe.