Wednesday, July 8

Preview for Gundam Unicorn Movie

Here it comes, the movie is scheduled next year.

The trailer looks good and the story is not bad. I just wished they make an older pilot instead of another teeny bopper Gundam pilot.

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How much salary for a Japanese animator?

An updated estimation, Japanese animator paid in accordance of their experience and seniority. Employees in their 20s earn an average annual salary of 1.1 mil yen per year (11,268 USD) while those in their 30s get 2.14 mil yen (22,532 USD). Veteran artists in their 40s and 50s survive on around 3 mil yen (28,160 USD) per year. Yeap, all this figures are per annual. The senior's wage will be comparable to wage of a carpenter in USA now (29,520 USD).

That makes sense as to why 90 percent turnover rate in Japanese anime industry is happening. Ouch indeed.


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Mizuki Kawashita new manga

For few days I been on and off reading mangas when I am free. I came across her newest work, Ane Doki, well....first thing I liked is her female character designs are pretty fleshy, not anorexic skinny models. Unfortunately this new work have same plot device, the male lead seems to recognize the main female lead by her panties. Same plot as Ichigo 100, her most famous work. It is pretty pedestrian work, nothing special unless the reader have straight shota fetish. The main female lead is bordering on unrealistic character too. Ah well.

It is amusing but nothing special about it.


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