Tuesday, March 31

Shangri La/ シャングリ・ラ Trailer / OP is now here

Finally the trailer

About time, GONZO.

And she uses what kinda of boomerang? Ah well. The tanks made of paper?

Posters and more comments here


Apparently the OP was leaked by some negligence by GONZO. Here it is. The vilianess (I assume) looks the same as the Guild leader from Last EXILE. Same designer, same template? Very dynamic and fluid OP.


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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

Licensed and released by Viz Media in manga format for USA market soon, this action packed anime created by Miwa Shirou talks about gunslingers / desperadoes who were genetically enhanced / mutated living in a dystopian, post apocalyptic future. 4 main players who have troubled past seeks answers to it or some redemption from their generally pretty shitty life. 2 OVAs / OADs were confirmed for the story, 1st one will be released on 19th May 2009. An albino gunslinger,a bad of sense direction ex killer, a mute swordsgirl and a chain smoking mercenary will be main characters. Some fans describe this "futuristic version of Black Lagoon".

Haine: Takahiro Sakurai
Badō: Akira Ishida
Naoto: Shizuka Itou
Mihai: Akio Ohtsuka
Nill: Mamiko Noto
Bishop: Toshihiko Seki
Kiri: Sayaka Ohara
Mimi: Ryoko Shiraishi
Ian: Koji Yusa
Milena: Kaya Matsutani
Domino Bortune: Tomomichi Nishimura
Male (Fuyumine): Rikiya Koyama
Melvin Scrooge: Kazuya Nakai
Magato: Takeshi Kusao
Giovanni: Shigeru Nakahara

Tatsuya Abe (Tona-Gura!): Director
Kiyoko Yoshimura (Chocolate Underground, Linebarrels of Iron): Scriptwriter
Hiroyuki Kanbe (Chrono Crusade and Rosario + Vampire Capu2): Character Designer
David Production: Studio
Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Planetes, Linebarrels of Iron): Assistant.

Official Site.

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Law on fansubbing of anime and copyright issues

Of Otaku and Fansubs: A Critical Look at Anime Online in Light of Current Issues in Copyright Law

Jordan S. Hatcher

Script-ed, Vol. 2, No. 4, 2005

The advent of digital technology and increased global connectivity has, to put it mildly, caused some ripples for the entertainment industry specifically and copyright law generally. In the aftermath, many are searching for new ways to incorporate the benefits of digital copies and the internet while minimizing the harms. To some, the anime industry and its fans offer examples of how an industry can benefit and even grow from allowing copyright infringement. This article examines the anime industry in-depth with this suggestion in mind and places the industry among current copyright policy debates, such as those suggested by Lawrence Lessig.

Downloadable Article

Quite up to date and erudite discussion from law's point of view on fansubbing, especially with Berne Convention definition of copyright. USA and Japan are signatories of the Treaty hence technically fansubbers were in direct violation of the said treaty.

However some people might argue the treaty was outdated and needs to be revised to reflect grey area between legitimacy and illegal in copyright issues posed by fansubbers potentially.

Monday, March 30

Spice and Wolf / 狼と香辛料 2 Episode 0 Trailer

Here it is!

I am looking forward to see Horo and Lawrence in more funky adventures. Series to be begin on July 2009.

Earlier Entry

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Sunday, March 29

Aya Hirano in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian fans reaction part 2

The scan from some magazine. Have fun, Malaysians!

One of the funniest entry I ever did

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Cat Shit One updates

Hiroshi Tsuchiya
will be voicing Packy whereas Satoshi Hino is doing Botasky in CG anime series, "Cat Shit One".

Official site is open here.


English subbed trailer.
The series will be on air in 2010 according to the website.

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Shangri La/ シャングリ・ラ promotional posters and whatnot

The limited PV was shown to 500 guests on 10 March 2009, and none of them knew how to use Youtube. So all I managed to scrounged up so far is few scans from various spots and also have a feeling that this anime will be quite liberal in fanservice especially panty shots. According to the official site, the main female lead Kuniko Hojo is 18 years old. No doubt it is made so the series is more palatable to international audiences since it going on air in Crunchyroll. This official blog has the screen caps of the character here.

Also included are production shots from another artist that GONZO decided not to use. Kenichi Yoshida has the gallery of Shangri La production concepts for ages but it is dropped by GONZO.

Link no 1
Link no 2
Link no 3
Link no 4

Official, bilingual site is here.


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Saturday, March 28

K-On! / けいおん! Trailer no 2 is out.

A lot of expectation is on this anime since it seems to be main comedy series of 2009. Commercially sensible show while did not have any innovative aspect.

As someone said to me, it is an anime that is good for brain relaxation after hard day at work. Which I kinda agree.

Cagayake Girls! Limited/Regular Editions

Don't Say Lazy. Limited/Regular Editions.


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Friday, March 27

Crunchy Roll rolling and rolling....

U.S. anime and social networking site Crunchyroll has ordered up a whole new wave of streaming animated imports.

What's new on horizon for CR...

* Black Jack, Osama Tezuka story of super surgeon.

* Fuji Creative Corp. anime titles such as Glass Maiden and Cat Man.

* Reborn!, based on the Akira Amano manga, from d-rights Inc.

* Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. partnership, for 30 complete K-Drama series.

* TV Tokyo Corp: Mainichi Kaasan, Saki – The Player and cat lover's heaven Chi’s Sweet Home, along with the continued simulcast of Naruto Shippuden (ugh), Gintama and Shugo Chara.

* GONZO latest anime offering, Shangri-La.

This entity has been making giant strides and as I asserted earlier, it is one of the best thing ever to come out to address current problem of anime industry profitability. The fact that Naruto Shippuden is now available on CR is a very strong endorsement of CR as viable serious idea for international anime market. Their appointment to Tokyo Anime Awards panel of judges is a testament to that.

In near future, fansubbing could be a fond memory/relic of the bygone past.


New battle against anime piracy, ODEX story continues

The battle against the illegal downloading of TV anime has taken a new turn.

A new animated series, Tears To Tiara, is to become the first in the world to be broadcast simultaneously in Japan and across the rest of Asia, including Singapore.

Local anime distributor Odex says the same-time broadcast is to help combat the problem of illegal downloads.

Tears To Tiara, which depicts the epic struggle against a powerful empire set in a fantasy mediaeval world, will premiere on April 6 on Animax (StarHub Channel 84) in its original Japanese soundtrack with English and Chinese subtitles.

The series is based on a popular role-playing game available on personal computer and Sony PlayStation 3 platforms, and therefore is something many anime pirates would be keen to get first dibs on.

Odex managing director Peter Go says of the simulcast: 'This is a breakthrough because this is the first time that the Japanese side has allowed this.'

He notes that episodes of anime such as Naruto and Bleach are uploaded onto the legal website www.crunchyroll.com an hour after broadcast 'but the resolution is lower and hence easier to transmit'.

Pirates download the shows as they do not want to fork out big bucks for the genuine DVDs of the shows, which can cost $100 or more for a season and are often available only several months after being broadcast.

ODEX Story and Source

Again, what ODEX don't grasp is their mode of business is outdated in hi tech Singapore and if they want to make proper profit from current generation of anime fans instead of suing them is using 3rd Wave concepts. Streaming and simulcast is something they should invest in instead of preparing lawyer letters to sue individual fans which in the end angered the community to the extent that most of them refuse to consider ODEX products anymore. Dramatic and headline grabbing at first but counterproductive in the end.

Not helping is their inferior quality in video and subbing with excessive pricing that turn off most potential buyers off. Most people if given an affordable monthly fee with simulcast (quality subtitles too) will pay for it, instead of going into a troublesome effort downloading the digital copies off the Net. This is why Crunchyroll has my high regard and I do believe strongly that they will weather the recession and emerge stronger than ever.

ODEX is gasping rather pathetically, IMHO.

The History of ODEX effort to combat downloaders in Singapore

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Thursday, March 26

Natsu no Arashii / 夏のあらし! trailer at TAF 2009

Here we go, art looks a bit too soft to me. But I will watch it.

Earlier entry.

Summer Wars (2009) /サマーウォーズ Trailer at TAF 2009

Here we go. Looks like his previous work, Tokikake. Will look forward to it.

Previous entry

Marvelous Entertainment is in trouble.

Just as I predicted, more anime studios or related industry is going down after demise of GONZO in wake of global economy recession. This time is Marvelous Entertainment, famous for Gunslinger Girl, School Days, Zipang, Mushishi franchise and Harvest Moon game series. The company is asking for 20 voluntary retirements with special severance package which coming to effect around end of April 2009.

The production company expects USD 13 million loss; already cull down on bonuses, benefits and PR campaigns as the result. With this announcement, things certainly look bad for them.

The gloom continues.


Wednesday, March 25

Gatchaman / 科学忍者隊ガッチャマン Space Ninjas CG Movie Production shots

10 second teaser(10 seconds? What the...)

New logo for the team.

Source site


Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (film)

Gatchaman is the upcoming CGI movie based on the anime series of the same name (nostalgia indeed ahhhh) scheduled to be completed in near future (some say 2009, some say 2010) by Imagi Animation Studios. Kevin Munroe (TMNT) is scheduled to write and direct with Lynne Southerland (co-director of Mulan 2) as producer.

Known plotlines

Some information taken from an interview with Kevin Munroe back on July 19, 2006, and statements coming from Imagi Animation Studios' Founder and Co-CEO Francis Kao:

* The movie will focus on foundation of the team and how the members meet each other.
* The movie will focus on solely Gatchaman universe.
* A PG-13 rating is possible since it will have a dark tone, with themes of violence. Apparently the production is very faithful to Japanese source with little twist here and there to spice it up. Obvious demographic on older fans who possesses buying power now.

IMAGI Website
History of the franchise

Live action updates

2 titles add to the roster of ongoing anime adaptations namely Twilight and Mad Max.

Director of previous 3 Mad Max incarnations, George Miller, have indicated that 4th movie will 3D anime style after his works in Happy Feet open the possibilities that he thought can be expanded with new Mad Max storytelling. However he is coy on whether if Mel Gibson will be featured in the 4th movie or not.

Mad Max news

The director of Twlight, possibly playing up hornet's nest to see response, jokingly said there might be an anime adaptation of the story on radio show. Predictably since it is a "hot" teenage angst love movie currently, the response is huge gauging from 300+ articles in Google News on this one.

Twlight trolling?


UPDATE: Yeap, Twlight director dismissed the rumor quickly, saying it is just an off comment.


Tuesday, March 24

Ghibli Museum and Miyazaki the Man

The building that houses the Ghibli Museum would be unusual anywhere, but in greater Tokyo, where architectural exuberance usually takes an angular, modernist form—black glass cubes, busy geometries of neon—it is particularly so. From the outside, the museum resembles an oversized adobe house, with slightly melted edges; its exterior walls are painted in saltwater-taffy shades of pink, green, and yellow. Inside, the museum looks like a child’s fantasy of Old Europe submitted to a rigorous Arts and Crafts sensibility. The floors are dark polished wood; stained-glass windows cast candy-colored light on whitewashed walls; a spiral stairway climbs—inside what looks like a giant Victorian birdcage—to a rooftop garden of world grasses, over which a hammered-metal robot soldier stands guard. In the central hall, beneath a high ceiling, a web of balconies and bridges suggests a dream vision of a nineteenth-century factory. Wrought-iron railings contain balls of colored glass, and leaded-glass lanterns are attached to the walls by wrought-iron vines. In the entryway, a fresco on the ceiling depicts a sky of Fra Angelico blue and a smiling sun wreathed in fruits and vegetables.

A very nice article that discusses about Studio Ghibli, the legacy, despair and hopes from its most illustrious son, Miyazaki on animation in Japan.

Article in Japan Focus

Monday, March 23

Cat Shit One / Apocalyspe Meow the Animation

Title: Cat Shit One - the Animated Series
Production: Studio Anima

Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Original Manga (released in the USA as Apocalypse Meow): Motofumi Kobayashi
Format: 23 min. 12 episodes
Target Viewers: Survival game fans and military fans

The production of the series is looking for investors right now as this entry was written. 1st episode is about 3 PMCs (Rat, Botasky and Packy) surrounded by guerrilas demanding withdrawal of US Armed Forces from the local area.
(No animals were harmed in this trailer)

Serious gunfight.
With cute animals.
My kinda alley (grins).

In the trailer, the PMCs were covering each other properly and have semi realistic gun fighting, not Hollywood stuff. Apparently it is based on 2 volume manga titled Cat Shit One '80, a Cold War story.

My review, 1 year plus later.

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Tora Dora/ とらドラ!4 koma comic on fandom

For very obvious reasons this strip cracks me up bad. Source: 4chan.

Sunday, March 22

Valkyria Chornicles: The Gallian Story / 戦場のヴァルキュリア GALLIAN♦CHRONICLES Preview in Tokyo Anime Fair 2009

The most awaited adaptation of Valkyria Chornicles strategy game into anime is now available on preview. SEGA seeing success of Tales of Abyss anime adaptation decided that Valkyria to be second vehicle in diversifying their product.

"The game is set in Europa, a fictional version of Europe, in 1935. Because of its abundance of ragnite ore, which can be refined into a powerful fuel, the neutral nation of Gallia comes under attack from the East European Imperial Alliance, which is itself engaged in a war with the Atlantic Federation."

Valkyria Chornicles received critical acclaim from gaming community and SEGA smells big money here so few months ago they announced an anime adaptation of the game. The production team also decided to soften the game's original hard edged water coloured art to appeal to more female fans (readers can see the original game character design at the bottom of this entry). The series also will be more focused on daily lives of the characters, the massive battles will be just background canvas for the narrative instead of main plot point. The Japanese VA cast were retained from game.

The interest of anime fans has been considerable, the thread in big AnimeSuki forum has reached 20 plus pages which is pretty impressive for something is not on air yet.

"An anime adaptation had recently been announced, scheduled for 2009 under production by Aniplex's A-1 Pictures. The series would be directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto and written by Michiko Yokote. It will air on Animax from April 2009. The theme song will be performed by Catherine St. Onge, as winner of the Animax Anison Grand Prix competition, under her chosen moniker of HIMEKA; the original score for the anime will be composed and conducted by the game's composer Hitoshi Sakimoto."

Michiko Yokote is force behind famous Genshiken, Cowboy Bebop and Blood Plus anime series will be penning script for the works. This has increased my expectation for well written and rich story here. Frankly, I haven't play the game so I do not know what to expect. Looking at the big money injection and talented staff behind this, I expect it to be above average at least.

Official Site

Soon to be aired on April 2009.

Anime still struggling to make $$$ in USA

In a recent interview for pop culture news site ICv2.com, TokyoPop founder and CEO Stuart Levy describes his company's initial strategy in 1998 to harness what he calls "the three C's: content, community and commerce." A decade later, he and others in Japan's U.S.-targeted pop industries have been wildly successful at mastering the first two--content and community--but are struggling mightily to complete the triangle.

In addition to the shelves of manga and anime at U.S. bookstores and libraries, and the fan conventions held each weekend, you can now see original sketches, production cels and anime screenings at highbrow venues such as the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, the Pacific Asia Art Museum in Pasadena, Calif., and the Japan Society in New York.


A discussion outlined difficulties of making anime and its related products saleable in USA( world largest consumer market despite the current economic crisis). A markedly pro industry and somewhat anti piracy article (hint: fansubbers) in content, nevertheless it talks about dilemma of US industry to realize profit despite able to create subculture of anime and people willing to go far for the genre.

The collapse of ADV USA and Geneon USA are stark reminders of grim reality on anime industry for English speaking communities which some pundits felt went wrong in its strategy somewhere. Creativity and passion need time to nurture but to turn both into $$$ need more subtle yet tactile approach.

It remains to be seen if commercial gods will decide to favour this industry or not.

Saturday, March 21

Redline Anime

Soon to be released in 2009, Takeshi Koike, animated by MADHOUSE. Will put more detail later. Story is about future race in civilization's edge, something like the podracer in Star Wars. This trailer is out in 2006, so it has long gestation period. Wonder if it will turn out to be any good.

Lucky Star/ らき☆すた Kagamin Hiragii Pig Plushie

Hahahaha! I never expected this but this is kinda cute. Based on Kagaboo from CompAce.

Merchandise Site

Friday, March 20

Eden of the East / 東のエデン trailer is here

Nice animation, nice music. Cannot wait.

Early Entry


History of Fansubbing and Piracy of Anime

When Piracy Becomes Promotion

How unauthorized copying made Japanese animation profitable in the United States.

The global sales of Japan’s animation industry reached an astonishing $80 billion in 2004, 10 times what they were a decade before. It has won this worldwide success in part because Japanese media companies paid little attention to the kinds of grassroots activities—call it piracy, unauthorized duplication and circulation, or simply file-sharing—that American media companies seem so determined to shut down. Much of the risk of entering Western markets and many of the costs of experimentation and promotion were borne by dedicated consumers.


A brief and succinct account on how fansubbing in USA started and one of the engine of anime popularity today. Interesting article.

The final chapter of current Black Lagoon arc "The Dance of Death"

Finally, 27 chapters long manga arc of Black Lagoon ended with semi-conclusion to fate of "The Hound" Roberta. It has superb transition of action to action feel which will do Micheal Bay proud. I would not be surprised if the OVA of this story will pop out soon, just matter of when not why.

Revy and co was forced to retreat again by "Fry Face" who herself decided to settle an old wound of Cold War with somebody from other side of fence, more revelations on triad boss Chang plan and Rock's subtle anger as part of his hardening process as white collar badass with conscience. However the author also reminded that Revy is no saint despite her increasing human quality here (she is getting "soft" with Rock in this arc). Basically Rock was asking Revy same question again, revealing again that Revy beginning to develop her long forgotten code despite the psychotic edge she displayed thru out the story. Roberta the Maid make a comeback with a big bang, as she tear the city apart looking for vengeance with her loyal master tried to take her back to Loveless clan with a new character, Fabiola.

My personal favourite is Major Claxton, the honourable and dedicated operator who worked for NSA. His steadfast, morally conduct and general decency yet with superb gunfighter is what I liked to see. Something like self insertion here, for myself.

The story is also about forgotten wars and memories, cruelty of war and soldier's honour and family ties facing conscience play in face of vengeance. One thing for sure, I couldn't wait for new maid to appear in OVA.

It is a blue, blue world.

Thursday, March 19

Eureka 7 Movie Psalm of Planets

Famous Studio Bones series is going to get a movie treatment and soon to be in theaters across Japan on this April. From what I can gather from sources, it is not retelling of TV series due to long length of the series (52 episodes). 40 percent of the scenes were new additions (some fans are not happy it is not 100 percent), not recycled stock footage from the TV and it is about 115 - 120 mins length. The plot is different from TV series and the story focused more on relationship between 2 main characters. I will watch this movie despite some mixed feelings about it.

Offical website

Original Work: BONES
Director: Tomoki Kyoda
Character Design: Kenichi Yoshida
Animation Director: Tsuneori Saito
Special Effects Director: Yasushi Muraki
Animation Production: BONES

Wednesday, March 18

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0/ 東京マグニチュード8.0

New disaster anime series project from Bones cooperating with Cinema Citrus, slated for July 2009 release.

Story about a young woman who is a delivery person and 2 children (one kid and a school girl) trying to survive an aftermath of Richter 8.0 scale Kanto Plain Earthquake (In 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, which it is registered at 8.3 Richter scale caused at least 100,000 - 140,000 deaths) that slammed Tokyo in contemporary setting. Director is Masaki Tachibana (Seirei no Moribito, Ghost in the Shell , Eureka 7). Reportedly, the makers based this on theory that a big Kanto Earthquake is overdue and soon to come in 30 years period of time with strength of at least Richter scale of 7.0. They researched previous earthquakes and interviewed survivors in making this series.

A rather novel series from usual fare, I am looking at this with some interest. Sounds like serious anime, not the usual moe harem shit which I mightily approve.

Official Site

Catwalk, Miss Roboto?

She introduced herself as “cybernetic human HRP-4C” at her first press conference, and charmed her audience just as any supermodel would. She smiled, struck seductive poses, and even made mistakes that her inventors attributed to nerves. Except that this head-turner is a fashion-bot, and she’ll make her catwalk debut in Tokyo on March 23.

Oh, there is always first time for everything and frankly speaking this kinda worries me. Where is humanity's place will be, if such idiosyncratic field like fashion catwalk dominated by robots like her/it? The fact I address the conception as "her" besides "it" is indicative of increasing blur between machine and person.

Damn Asimov. By the way, is this considered "moe"?


Domo kun inspired fashion

So one day I check my blog's statistic and I found this very curious link. It made link to my Domo-kun entry so in reciprocation I went to the original site. Lo and behold, I am amused by this photo that is featured in the entry with my link it it.


Original link

Tuesday, March 17

Natsu no Arashii / 夏のあらし!

Jin Kobayashi (School Rumble) current work will be serialized in anime by SHAFT (the Shinbo trippy dudes) soon in April 2009.

Taken from Wikipedia on plot:

13 year-old Yasaka is a boy staying at his grandfather's house during his summer vacation. One day he entered a store and met Arashi, a beautiful 16-year old girl working there. After trying to protect her from a man who claims to have been hired by her family to take her back by force, Yasaka ran away with her and now she stays at his grandpa's place with him. It didn't take much time for Yasaka to figure out that his new friend is far from an ordinary girl, as she possesses mysterious powers. The plot thickens when he finds a 60 year old picture of Arashi and another girl named Kaja, and to the surprise of all Kaja suddenly appears, and just like Arashi, her appearance hasn't changed at all since then.

Sayoko Arashiyama - Ryoko Shiraishi
Hajime Yasaka - Yuko Sanpei
Kaja - Kaori Nazuka
Jun Kamigamo - Chiaki Omigawa
Sayaka - Hitomi Nabatame
Hideo Murata - Hiroki Yasumoto
Yayoi Fushimi - Ai Nonaka
Kanako Yamazaki - Yui Horie

Director: Akiyuki Shinbo

Official Site

Now you have Mr Cop-Out-Ending Kobayashi working with Mr Trippy-Imagery Shinbo on one series. I predict the series will be very visually striking but in the end, shallow. But definitely I give this show a try. Something about it interests me and the chemistry of creative force also excites me. 13 episodes is planned so far. Standard moe tropes apply. But...I do fear the indecisive and cop out ending potential too.


Monday, March 16

Gender Equality and Softpower in Japanese sociology

One of the most unexpected leading advocate of gender equality in Japan is manga and anime which lots of females working as professionals. Some of them of them even become very renowned artist in this field (notably novelist of ToraDora! Yuyuko Takemiya, CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi and Kannagi's unfortunate Eri Takenashi) using softpower of their trade to break gender barriers despite hordes of male dominated works populating the domestic industry.

Before 2001, there is no law to protect females from domestic abuse and Japan was ranked 39th in UN 70 nations study of gender equality.

Thanks to various depiction of strong females with strong personality in free expressive anime/manga setting, the myth of ever smiling, submissive Japanese woman is dwindling fast. However, these archetype also have to contend with "moe" mutation hence producing some of the most schizophrenic anime females we seen lately.

There is growing demand for non-typical characterization and international fans might do their part as well.

Source Article

Sunday, March 15

Viper's Creed/ ヴァイパーズ・クリード Review

This series is so full of cliches and very bland; it may serves as excellent introduction mecha anime to beginner but seasoned veteran will find it very uninspiring mecha actioner. The only good thing about this anime is mecha design and some music tracks. I honestly don't know why the execution was so badly done and lazy research in proper setting (supposedly based on real world) did not help. The series even resorting to cost cutting of reusing stock animation which is a big no no in action packed anime and the plot holes bigger than iceberg that sank Titanic. Episode 10 revealed so many inconsistencies that really did not make sense unless it really depicts the adversary of Viper's Team as morons from circus. How to create a sense of awe and anticipation if the protagonist is so unconvincing to begin with? The plot twist even come as ho-hum, anyone can see it coming from miles away.

It is a letdown since the director (Shinji Aramaki who did better with first Appleseed movie) promises a "hardcore sci fi" approach to Viper's Creed but what I see so far is a listless anime with stock characters stolen from myriad of hundreds of mecha animes. I suspect that he don't have enough funding to realise his visions hence the half ass attempt.

The voice acting is good but the characters line was so boring that they appeared 2 dimensional (ironic here) and despite the attempt to spice it up with adult themes, they come across as forced and tacky. Saiki (the male lead) sounds like a stoned addict instead of taciturn and cool pilot for example.

A friend told me that why the PMC did not use gunships to police the issues presented in this show since the common terrain is mainly consist of long, long electromagnetic highways isolating high density urban centers. The cool factor definitely overrule common sense hence the existence of "Maneuver Roids" in the story. This is main dissonance here to begin with which threatens the whole setting. The writer obviously did not understand that to have vibrant economy you gonna need large tracts of land to house industry that capable of replicate and forge things up necessary for modern society to function. This anime despite using the backdrop of plebeian vs bourgeois to create the conflict fails to address this fundamental factor. I can go on with more examples but I think the gist is, setting is very crucial for me to immerse myself into the story. If you going to make a story based on current setup, please make it so.

People can watch this show but don't expect too much, it feels like lousy snack compared to more thoughtful, intelligent mecha series like FLAG or Gasaraki. Heck, even Gundam 00 has more soul than this piece of crap. Make no mistake, Viper's Creed have some interesting idea to explore and cool mecha design to boot but the execution is a huge let down.

A big meh from me.

Earlier entry

Saturday, March 14

Phantom, Requiem for the Phantom HQ Trailer is out

Director: Koichi Mashimo
Series Composition: Yousuke Kuroda
Gen Urobuchi
Hideki Shirane
Noboru Kimura
Tatsuya Takahashi
Yousuke Kuroda
Yukihito Nonaka

Despite Gen Urobochi onboard, I still have bad feeling about this. The Director is the same dude who did disastrous Blade of the Immortal anime despite his earlier work on Irresponsible Captain Tylor series. I love the visual novel but this upcoming anime gives me heebie jeebies, fearing another repeat of awful Phantom of the Inferno OVA.

Only time will tell if my fear is unfounded.

Omi Minami did not reprise her role as Eins anymore, that is sad.

Japanese "moe" diplomats

Hilarious but not too surprising to me.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Ever seen an ambassador dressed from head to foot in pastel frills? How about a diplomatic envoy in a mini-skirted school uniform?

In a bid to raise its international profile, Tokyo has appointed three young women as cultural envoys because they represent Japan's long-running craze for all things cute.

Source no 2

With current economic downturn, Japan tries to appeal to the world with ready made "moe" image. How logical.

Wednesday, March 11

Today is my birthday! Actually it is more like yesterday....

Yes it is a bit histrionic but this is my blog. Yeap I liked Rin Tohsaka and Saber so I want to feature them more here. Enjoy the wallpapers and thanks for the visit. :-)