Tuesday, September 5

Gay Love in Japanese Manga

by Hikaru Freeman, September 5, 2006

The tagline for Gravitation reads, “Love: The one force that simply won't be denied,” a phrase that conjures up Brokeback Mountain's famous tagline, “Love is a force of nature.” But Gravitation is worlds apart from the realm of Jack and Ennis, although there are indeed parallels.

Most notably, Gravitation, written by Maki Murakami, is a manga and limited-run television series set in present-day Japan that revolves around the reluctant relationship between rising pop singer Shuichi Shindo and popular novelist Eiri Yuki.

Their relationship gets off to a rocky start because Eiri is not entirely enthusiastic at the prospect of having anyone enter into his life so intimately. Yet much like Jack to Ennis, Shuichi finds himself intensely drawn to Eiri, no matter what others around him do to stop him.

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Interesting read about yaoi in anime works.