Saturday, December 16

Art imitates life, or other way round.

'Nodame Cantabile' manga character exists in real life

Megumi Noda, the star character of the manga series "Nodame Cantabile," which was a popular feature in the woman's comic magazine "Kiss," and became a hit as a Fuji TV drama, exists in real life, it has emerged.

"Nodame Cantabile" tells the story of a meeting between Shinichi Chiaki, an elite student of Momogaoka Music Academy whose father was a famous pianist, and Megumi Noda, a hopeless piano student going by the nickname "Nodame," who lives in a messy apartment.

Full link is here.

Another play on old words, "art imitates life".

Such is funny moments in life. Might want to check it out due to this reason. I like classicals, but not the technicality of it. I just like to listen.

Want to be Nausicca?

The Open Sky Project 2.0

This is a machine that allows people to experience flying like Nausicca's mave (or muave) in the seminal work by anime master Miyazaki (Senior). The machine designs is clearly inspired by the anime movie.

I am too heavy for this contraption but it sure looks pretty and cool bananas to the max. On display at NTT ICC exhibition in Japan.

Another site in Japanese.