Friday, March 20

Eden of the East / 東のエデン trailer is here

Nice animation, nice music. Cannot wait.

Early Entry


History of Fansubbing and Piracy of Anime

When Piracy Becomes Promotion

How unauthorized copying made Japanese animation profitable in the United States.

The global sales of Japan’s animation industry reached an astonishing $80 billion in 2004, 10 times what they were a decade before. It has won this worldwide success in part because Japanese media companies paid little attention to the kinds of grassroots activities—call it piracy, unauthorized duplication and circulation, or simply file-sharing—that American media companies seem so determined to shut down. Much of the risk of entering Western markets and many of the costs of experimentation and promotion were borne by dedicated consumers.


A brief and succinct account on how fansubbing in USA started and one of the engine of anime popularity today. Interesting article.

The final chapter of current Black Lagoon arc "The Dance of Death"

Finally, 27 chapters long manga arc of Black Lagoon ended with semi-conclusion to fate of "The Hound" Roberta. It has superb transition of action to action feel which will do Micheal Bay proud. I would not be surprised if the OVA of this story will pop out soon, just matter of when not why.

Revy and co was forced to retreat again by "Fry Face" who herself decided to settle an old wound of Cold War with somebody from other side of fence, more revelations on triad boss Chang plan and Rock's subtle anger as part of his hardening process as white collar badass with conscience. However the author also reminded that Revy is no saint despite her increasing human quality here (she is getting "soft" with Rock in this arc). Basically Rock was asking Revy same question again, revealing again that Revy beginning to develop her long forgotten code despite the psychotic edge she displayed thru out the story. Roberta the Maid make a comeback with a big bang, as she tear the city apart looking for vengeance with her loyal master tried to take her back to Loveless clan with a new character, Fabiola.

My personal favourite is Major Claxton, the honourable and dedicated operator who worked for NSA. His steadfast, morally conduct and general decency yet with superb gunfighter is what I liked to see. Something like self insertion here, for myself.

The story is also about forgotten wars and memories, cruelty of war and soldier's honour and family ties facing conscience play in face of vengeance. One thing for sure, I couldn't wait for new maid to appear in OVA.

It is a blue, blue world.