Wednesday, May 21

School Rumble 3rd Term. Or is it?

The promotion for new School Rumble series is up for 3rd time, and considering from the horrendously indecisive manga story....I think the anime can go on forever like Energizer Bunny. Already some fans of the story expressed anger at lack of resolution after such a long run.

The cast promotion of next School Rumble anime, VAs/seiyuus for Tenma (Ami Kozhimizu) and Yakumo (Mamiko Noto).

From what I knew, the love complication is yet to be resolved even at manga's chapter 220. To me that is like stringing along a cash cow as long as possible. Jin Kobayashi who parodied himself in the story as delinquent main character perhaps running of ideas?

The offical site with offical promo trailer for it

I don't really hope too much out of it, I do enjoy early parts but it has become a bit too draggy like Hispanic tele novela.

Yona Yona Penguin

Singapore broadcaster giant MediaCorp and leading Japanese animation company Madhouse Inc Monday announced a collaboration on a 13 million U.S. dollar computer-generated 3D anime feature film called Yona Yona Penguin.

The animation film will be directed by renowned Japanese animator Rintaro, who's made his mark in Japanese anime as the creator of Astro Boy.

Singapore's entry into billion dollar industry anime is this cutesy penguin story. I have to confess though, the name Madhouse did not struck me as the one will do cutesy, moe type of anime presentation.

Interesting industrial trend in anime, as it becomes more and more hybrid Japanese and something else now.

More news on Ghost in the Shell movie.

...Finally, Steven Spielberg has been patiently “circling” Masamune Shirow’s classic Ghost in the Shell as a 3-D live-action feature. DreamWorks owns the rights to the futuristic police thriller and Avi Arad, who has successfully produced the three Spider-Man movies, the three X-Men movies, the two Fantastic Four movies, Iron Man and the upcoming Incredible Hulk, is attached to produce, and Jamie Moss (Street Kings) is reportedly working on the screenplay. No release date is projected yet.

Full article is here

The list of people involved in the project is very impressive. I hoping for a stellar treatment of the series, considering the big names attached to this work. I willing to wait for years, hoping a proper justice can be done on Ghost in the Shell.

One can hope, wouldn't it?

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Batman, Gotham Knight anime style.

The geek machine has fired into overdrive for Christopher Nolan's incoming prequel sequel, The Dark Knight. But the untold hero of this summer's Batman assault may lie elsewhere -- in the Animatrix-inspired Batman: Gotham Knight, to be exact.

Like The Matrix franchise before it, the Batman franchise has learned that filtering your mythology through the kinetic template of anime can do wonders for your upgrades. Batman: Gotham Knight is that upgrade, and it looks kickass. The Warner Bros. DVD-only film, due out July 8, sent Underwire these sneak-peek pics, which make great eye candy. The hi-def trailer is at right.

Wired Source

Wow, this trailer rocks. I really, really want to watch this version of Batman. From I understand there will be 6 short vids, 3 of them anime styled. Something like Animatrix compilation of short stories, to wet fans appetite for upcoming Dark Knight sequel to excellent movie.

Hopefully there will be a full length anime rendition of Dark Knight, I believe it can work.