Friday, April 10

K-On! / けいおん! Mio pantyshot? LOL

Mio, easily the fastest growing popular character female since Nagi from Kannagi, have the accidental panty shot in this chapter.

Question is, will Kyoto Animation do this part faithfully? Or they modify it? How the fans will react? Or haters will use this to justify why they hate the anime? The list is mind boggling.

The fan's reaction will be interesting to see, IMHO.


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Soft Power Discussion no 6, Taro Aso plan to revive Japanese economy

Highly unpopular and wrangling with massive economic crisis in Japan (worst in 30 years memory), Premier of Japan Taro Aso pledged to make 120 trillion Yen (that's 1.2 trillion plus USD, folks) by 2020 CE by promoting Japanese remaining asset, softpower. Where Honda or Toyota falters in their quest to make money for Japan Inc, now Taro Aso is turning to moe schoolgirls and hot blooded sentai heroes to take the lead.

Another eyebrow raising statement he made is he will create 500,000 jobs using anime and Japanese fashion to fight off unemployment. I don't know how is he going to do it since Japanese animators were possibly one of the lowest in food chain in job market of Japan. He stated that in 3 years time, 1.4 jobs will be created with this new economic plan that for first time in history; stressing softpower to be leading factor of national economy. He is in fact, still promoting Japan Cool campaign that he initiated years ago under Junchiro Koizumi adminstration.

I don't know if I should take him seriously or not but time will tell. Miyazaki is not amused by him. The overseas anime market, notably USA is struggling too so I kinda doubt his pledge here. A tad too optimistic, perhaps?

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