Tuesday, December 16

Tytania's Darwin Garden significance in episode 10.

Historical Trivia:

Tytania's Darwin Garden is similar expression of power like ancient Persian King's garden in Persepolis and Imperial Kew Gardens of United Kingdom.

By able to bring plants from all corners of their empire, it is a gesture of power and prestige to impress any visitors. One of compulsory subject for all ancient Persian Kings is gardening. It is often said, that all foreign dignitaries were invited to walk with the King to look at the gardens. Anyone with a good brain will realize it is a subtle hint of the mighty Persian Empire and the King is just showing off in style.

Hence the interesting significance of Darwin Garden, built on hanging garden orbiting in space, just like Persepolis garden that is irrigated by massive waterway construction which is not too far from Hanging Garden of Babylon, built in middle of desert.