Thursday, December 31

Happy new year 2010, folks!

As 2009 closing to its end, this been a great fun writing the blog. And I hope it is fun for readers too though admittedly the content could be longer.

Makoto Shinkai is now on a new project, did not say what its name and reveal only barebones of the upcoming story. Another story that dwell on lost and nostalgia, it seems. Don't be surprised with skyshots of gorgeous clouds and blowing wind.

Studio Ghibli will adopt Mary Norton's The Borrowers as their next movie. Don't think the 2 Miyazakis will direct this one though, Ponyo did not do as well as Spirited Away in international market and Tales of Earthsea is considered not very commercially successful so maybe the father and son are licking their respective wounds.

That's it! Bye Bye 2009 and Hello to 2010!

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Oishii is doing Tetsujin 28? Yeah Baby!

Being a long time fan of Oishii, I am very, very excited about this news since I sucker for mecha genre and philosophical (some say he is too pretentious) director. The thing is however, I do not know whether it will be animation or live action. But I don't care which one since I will just grab a boxful of popcorn and watch it anyway. Yeah!


For those who do not have a

My suspicion however fell on the fact it could be IMAGI and Hikari Production upcoming movie T28. But just my speculation.

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K-On! / けいおん! Season 2? No way!

In a news that bound to send moe fans into rabid ecstasy and illicit loud groans from others, K-On! Season 2 is on. The main site announced green lit for Season 2 production and manga did seem go quite far, the girls were preparing themselves for university level exams. Will they lose their appeal once they are not wearing the school uniform anymore?

Commercially it is successful so this announcement did not come as a surprise to me, to be honest.

Main website

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Saturday, December 26

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

Wow, this video earns Hollywood attention which promptly offered 30 million USD to the film maker to create a movie (by Sam Raimi no less). Power of Youtube harnessed in right direction. According to sources, this video was made on 300 USD budget. The mecha looks great, to be honest and the story is pretty okay considering it is 5 min short movie.

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Monday, December 21

Suzumiya Haruhi Movie trailer is out

Duly, Haruhi Movie trailer is out and it looks ok to me. But after such damage done by Endless 8 arc, I am not exactly jumping in joy here to be honest. Won't be surprised if the movie prove to be another troll. Heh.


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Tuesday, December 15

Unlimited Blade Works Movie on 23 January 2010

1 more month to Fate movie and poster is already released to announce its coming. I still have doubts about it since the production is the same as the series which not consistent in art direction and some weird scenes (the CG dragon). Slated for 23rd January 2010 release in Japan. The official site have the proper trailer up and looks spiffy.

I wonder how they going to compress the story into movie format to be honest. But heck, I looking forward to see the sword spam between Shirou and Gilgamesh anyway.

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Monday, December 14

Unique mecha

LOL! Interesting idea!

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Iron Vendetta

It begins as self published doujin then have some animated pictures which must have attracted some investment, supposedly release an episode this year. However from the site diary, it seems that it will be delayed. Looks pretty somber work with nicely designed mecha which reminds me of Armoured Core ilk. The female characters looks like intense loners by themselves, however not much information can be gleaned so far. All I know is they release a compilation of their production works and stuff, call it "audio picture" in Comicket.

What I do like is the size of the mecha. It is not too ridiculously big and looks like something that is designed for warfare with proper military camouflage, not like Gundams.

Looks pretty impressive but I wonder if the story can live up to the trailers. I will check it out as always when it is out, Hahaha!

Main Site

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Friday, December 11

A radical feminist anime? B型H系 / B Gata H Kei

Another 2010 anime series is announced and yes, it also caught my attention: B Gata H Kei. The story is a typical school romance but it has interesting twist,this girl who wanted to have multiple (100 to be exact) casual sex partner ends up pursuing only one boy. In fact most of the time, she have perverted fantasies which is highly refreshing considering most of the time females in other series tend to be too innocent to even go as far as this character Yamada did. The cover even shows how defiant Yamada's sexual rebellion is; hands on her hips screaming for attention,legs spread apart with a very determined gaze and a confident smirk.

The premise talks on how aggressive the main character in pursuit of eros which is pretty unusual. Normally this kinda character always end up as side character in most other series or became a "villainess" female fatale type trying to ensnare main character away. It has a very confident feminist streak, something that is traditionally frowned in Japanese, heck Asian culture in general. In this story, her libido is running amok with unrestrained manner.

No other info is available yet, only main voice actress Yukari Tamura is confirmed. It is based on 4 panel manga strip penned by not too surprisingly a female mangaka, Yoko Sanri.


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Thursday, December 10

Moyashimon live action drama soon on Fuji TV

Ah, the manga and anime caught my heart with eccentric cutesy depiction of mircobes is now given a green light as live action drama TV, to be aired in supposedly prime time in Fuji TV soon next year. The series have a very charming atmosphere provided by funny comments from little germs that main character can see and hear. Of course most people remember his good friend more. (shrugs) Or the lesbian sex scene. Whatever.

I am looking forward to watch the drama, expecting same type of humor and charm from the ilk.


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Thought controlled machine interface

Wooo, I can see future of power armour here! Thought controlled control systems is getting nearer to reality. Gasaraki or Starship Troopers OVA anyone?

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ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト/ So-Ra-No-Wo-To


For some reason this story caught my attention, it is a story of a place where continuous war has devastate it and leave it exhausted in future. A 15 year old girl joined a military unit consists of 5 girls, blaring music over towns that is devoid of people and seas that has no fish. Sounds like some pacifist, green hugging story with moe characters thrown in. After witnessing the success of Strike Witches, A-1 Studio might decided to take a plunge with military moe genre? What struck me is people are expecting this to be cheerful and happy brainless moeblob K-On! copy. However, looking at the synopsis, it did not seem this way to me nor the choice of director for the upcoming series. Slated for January 2010 airing.

Director is a dude who did the infamous Elfen Lied, Mamoru Kanbe. The art style looked familiar? It looks like Kannagi because it from same studio, I suppose. Script is by Hiroyiki Hoshino who did Macross Frontier.

I sensing a potential train wreck like Saikano or over-the-top violence and self pity of Elfen Lied. Interesting.

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Saturday, December 5

Summer Wars was honoured in 13th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards

Mamoru Hosada's Summer Wars won critical acclaim, awarded Grand Prize in Animation by Japanese Ministry of Cultural Affairs. To me, this movie deserves the accolade, it has more tight pacing than Girl Who Leap Time by same director back in 2007. More on this movie review later.

Now let's see what I have covered in this blog that has won the awards or selected by jury, I am pretty gratified that the Japanese government seems to agree with most of my choice. LOL.

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 ( Excellent Prize)
2. Canaan (Jury Selection)
3. Toradora! (ibid)
4. Nodame Cantabile: Paris (ibid)
5. Eden of the East (ibid)

Manga award goes to excellent Saga of Vinland, a Japanese version of Viking story. More on this later too. The award ceremony is scheduled on next year February.

Source no 2

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Friday, December 4

Break Blade / ブレイクブレイド anime series trailer is out

I have been reading the manga and it is not bad. I liked the clean art and gritty mecha designs with some Escaflowne taint thrown in. However, I am kinda skeptical on how the anime will able to bring out the story to shine, I am pretty suspicious that it will be another hanging ending type of story since AFAIK, the manga yet to be finished in Japan at the time of this entry was made. There is going to be 6 movies. XEBEC and Production I.G will be tasked in making of the movies, directed by the Fafner guy, Nobuyoshi Hara. (oh no, emo time?) Supervisory Director will be the dude who did Macross 7 (bleh!) and Starship Trooper OVA Tetsuro Amino.

Why I have a feeling that it will be emo pilots with some dosage of music thrown in for good measure while piloting semi realistic mecha? And why they need a Supervisory Director? Sounds like they can't trust the Fafner guy not to emo too much perhaps?

The story centered on tragedy of friendship been torn apart by politics and history, spiced with mecha that runs on magic except for one. The battle scenes in manga is a bit Gundamsque with emphasis on speed and "dueling" as primary combat actions, not really militaristic squad based mecha action like Gasaraki or FLAG.

Let's see how it turns out.


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Sunday, November 29

Fate/Stay Night TV episodes will be reworked and released

Right, I heard it from my friend that the studio in conjunction with Unlimited Blade Works movie release will redo 12 episodes of Fate/Stay Night TV series. In an obvious ploy to milk more $$$ from fans, it will be released in the 2 Bluray compilation featuring new versions of song and new animation (I wonder if the awful CG dragon will be re-edited). Set to be released in January 2010.

I am more interested in the movie to be honest. Can't wait to see the sword spammage between Gilgamesh and Shirou.


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Saturday, November 28

Thursday, November 26

Wall Street Journal Discussion on State of Anime Industry now

Basically this article talks about poor state of animation industry workers and struggling economy as pointed earlier in this blog. Osamu Tezuka pioneering work in anime also brings in the concept of cheap pay for mass production of anime, this is recent result of his vision.

The more detailed link from WSJ.

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Wednesday, November 25

A real guy marries a girl from some game...WHAT?

Oh humanity! What kinda retarded shit is this?

And Japan was wondering why they are running out of kids now. Basically this dude goes by pseudo name of SAL 9000 marries this character from some game. The rest I leave it to the video to elaborate further.

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