Monday, April 6

First Impressions : Natsu no Arashii / 夏のあらし!

Frankly, this series managed to hook me. Very interesting use of time travel and paradoxes though the male lead (Hajime) is annoying me with his pettiness: blusterous, possessive and tantrum prone to the max.

It is known that Kobayashi (the mangaka) tends to self insert in the stories so I wonder if Shades is him. This series is also quite liberal with fan service with so many female characters in the story.

Character wise it is pretty normal but it is use of special powers like matter manipulation and time travel that intrigues me to the potential of the story here. With Shinbo style of imagery is absent most of the 1st episode (the ED vid is his trademark though), the angles were interesting enough to accentuate the situation.

Overall, it is an above average start so far. Will follow it to see where the story goes to.

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