Friday, October 30

The evolution of Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Honestly speaking, I still prefer Saber as male King Arthur, not Arturia. When first time I heard about this back in 2004, I was a bit taken aback at the idea of female King of Camelot. It took some time for me to get used to the idea.

Top left is original design of Saber (guess otakus can't fap to this), then to famous Saber that we all know, Dark Saber who is corrupted by the Angra Mariyu, Lily Saber from Unlimited Codes,Mordred the stepson who mortally wounded Saber in Battle of Camlann, Saber from new upcoming game Fate/Extra Dungeon RPG and finally Sir Pervical, Saber's loyal knight.


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Plan 303E Deep Striker Gundam Sentinel

It is always my dream to see this variant of Gundam in action, guess this is closest I can get. It is from Gundam Sentinel, a graphic novel published in early 90s based on events right after or during Gundam Zeta wars. This design is an awesome expression of Gundam firepower with Irish class battleship gun mounted on it. Designed by Katoki Hajime, the guy who designed mechas for Stardust Memory 0083 and Virtual On.

Just look at the design. What a beauty, compared to boring designs from SEED universe.

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Titan the Robot

This is awesome robot suit (there is a performer inside), made this company called Cyberstein Robots. Where people see entertainment, I see the future power armour that can easily converted into combat missions in this one.

Apparently the company is tight lipped about the development of Titan but one rumor is performers were expected to be nimble with console controls to operate the suit. The suit also have power for 30 minutes duration. That is major problem for any aspiring power armour design: power packs.

10 years from now, don't be surprised to see a power suit based on this design.

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