Wednesday, April 1

Natsu no Arashii / 夏のあらし! HQ Trailer

The OP song is very generic, which is a surprise for manic Shinbo. The art quality is a bit disconcerting, some people are wondering aloud why the character design looked horrible as the trailer suggest.

Ah well.

Apparently marketing guys of the anime bribed bloggers to write glowing stuff on this series and some anime fans frowned on this. How true it is, I don't know.

Early entry.

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Mospeada Real Bike? Almost!

These dudes love the old series Mospeada (most US viewers will remember this one from Robotech chimera back in 80s) so they mod the bike to resemble the Mospeada famous suit as much as possible.

Their website

They using Suzuki B-King bike as base for their VISMOD. The site even show step by step fabrication for the bike.


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