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GONZO/Animax Deal

GONZO/Animax Deal
July 13th, 2006 1:37 PM by Aaron H. Bynum

Anime Expansion

In recent anime news, digital animation production group GONZO Studios has partnered with cable and satellite television channel Animax Asia as a source of distributing their titles to a broader, fresher demographic. GONZO, known for their fancy rendering and at times surprisingly dynamic characters; and Animax, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, known as the first twenty-four seven Japanese animation only channel, will be granting select anime fans throughout Asia even more of a privilege. Animax reaches some 25 million households throughout Asia.

Recent domestic releases of GONZO Studios productions include the outstanding character drama The Count of Monte Cristo, the picturesque sci-fi epic Blue Submarine No. 6, as well as the highly recommended adventure Last Exile. The long-term deal to roll out animated productions by the company shortly after their initial release in Japan will offer the production group exposure on what may be a much more satisfying venue than ever before. Rolling out the output deal is the vampire anime Trinity Blood (scheduled for release later this year in the US from FUNimation Ent.), which premiered first and exclusively in Hong Kong on June 1st 2006. Trinity Blood, is broadcast on Animax every Thursday at 10:00 pm.

Arthur Smith, president of GDH K.K. International, which owns GONZO, commented, "Viewers in Asia will see a lot more of GONZO. GONZO hopes to become a really well-known brand among anime fans and the mainstream audience. We believe that working with a great partner like Animax will help us achieve this."

About Animax Asia: Launched on January 1st, 2004, Animax Asia is the first 24-hour cable and satellite TV channel exclusively dedicated to Japanese animation (anime) programming, featuring the most engaging and cutting edge programs from top animation studios and producers in Japan. Animax Asia is broadcast region-wide from Singapore via five dedicated, highly customized services for Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Philippines. Animax Asia is a Sony Pictures Ent. company. More information about Animax Asia and its program lineup can be found at,,, and


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