Thursday, September 14

Evangelion Updates

Posted Sep 13th 2006 7:02PM by Mark Beall

Following close on the heels of Monday's news about four new Neon Genesis Evangelion anime movies comes a more concrete and substantial report on the project, thanks to the ever-present Variety. The four new films will be released in a semi-staggered order, with the first film hitting Japanese theaters in July of next year, the second in January, and the third and fourth (as a double-bonus release) sometime in the summer of '08

Full article is here

Personally I felt this is a one big dead horse. I wondered why GAINAX keep beating it since they certainly capable of producing non Evangelion anime which is good like Furi Kuri.

However, it remains to be seen if the movies can live up to the promise of enchancing one of the seminal anime in our time. Anime was never the same after Evangelion (1997).

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